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#599  Stoneware Old Rundlet Barrel Unique

Rundlet's or barrels are just a great item to collect as they not only held wine or spirits but also seem to hold our attention as well! This fine stoneware example sports a neutral, dry beige and tan color with interesting dark lines that mimic bands used on wooden barrels. The texture is also very pleasing and this unglazed piece of pottery would be a nice piece to display with wooden collections.

There are no chips or cracks present and the bottom is marked U.S.A. using incised or carved letters. A removable wooden knob located on the top fits snugly into the hole counterpart. There is a small black area that shows as a curved line on top of this knob as referenced in image 8. The wooden "bung start" shown in the middle of the rundlet also inserts snugly into its hole counterpart. The wood on both pieces has a warm, pleasing patina.

There are a couple small areas on the body of the rundlet located on the back, front and one at the top, that have dark spots smaller than an eraser on a pencil, as referenced in images 6, 7 & 8. The circular pattern on the top and bottom of this barrel portray and mimic inside ring patterns present in wood. Great detail! Overall this piece is in good condition!

I feel these stoneware rundlet's are being overlooked in our primitive world as we all seem to focus on collecting woodenware. However treen pieces cost a lot more whereas these stoneware barrels can be just as good, if not better, creating an interesting display, if given the chance!....and they are affordable! Hurray! Enjoy!

Rundlet stands 7 1/2" tall including the knob measurement, 4 1/2" across the top and bottom (left to right) and measures about 8 1/4" from the front of the bung start to the back of the barrel.

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#576  Antique Rockingham Glaze Cake Mold with Autumn Pleasantries

Rockingham glazed pieces can really help capture the spirit of autumn like nobody's business and this beautiful 19th century Turks Head mold does just that! The nice array of fall botanicals housed inside are also included in this purchase as well as the candle.

American Rockingham, the ware for which Bennington, Vermont, became famous in the mid-nineteenth century, is of English origin and therefore named after the Marquis of Rockingham, whose works at Swinton (England) produced pieces of a similar brownish color. The pottery itself is cream-colored or yellow ware and the random mottled look was achieved by splashing on a brown glaze containing lead spar, flint and manganese using a paddle before firing.

The pioneer of Bennington pottery, founded in 1793 (factory closed in 1894), was Captain John Norton. The Norton Company and Christopher Webber Fenton's United States Pottery company (1847 to 1858) are responsible for producing large quantities of Rockingham pottery. This brown~flecked and mottled ware was produced by more than sixty American pottery manufacturers until 1900. These pieces were a distinctive, highly popular addition to American ceramics and are sought after.. even today.

This mold boasting a spiral center column with 15 well defined flutes was used for sponge cake baking and acted as a Bundt pan. This piece has been finished in a pleasing brown glaze as shown in image 6 and the vibrant earth tone colors resemble a deep coffee along with rich cognac accents. There are two small chips one located on the outer top rim referenced in image 7 and also another tiny chip is present on the bottom, see image 8. On more chip can be seen on the outside edge at the top of the spiral column as shown in image 5. This piece is free of cracks and is in very good condition.

Two large corn cobs covered in spices as well as magnolia pods, quince, a root cellar apple and flax grace the inside of this mold adding delicious autumn flavor as referenced in image 1. A spiced rubbed candle with a cheesecloth wrapped base and an anise accent was placed in the center of the column and suggests this piece can be used as a candleholder.

This offering would make a bold statement wherever it is placed and is sure to receive many compliments! Enjoy! The Turks head mold measures 9 across the top (right to left), 3 1/4" tall (without the candle) and 5 1/2" across the bottom that touches the surface it is placed upon. ~Freight (Standard Mail) included, however Insurance is optional and can be purchased for an additional $2.75 @ checkout ~ within the continental U.S.


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