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Early Hog Scraper Candlestick with Folksy Handmade Bird Accent Neat
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Antique Yellow ware Bowl Brown Bands Clover Design
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Early Candleholder Pegged Construction

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Primitive Gourd Gathering with Autumn Flavor
Our Price:  $39.95  
Tin Grater with Autumn Flavor and Scarecrow Fun
Our Price:  $48.50  
Antique Harvest Fields Poetry Book Hog Scraper Candlestick Autumn Gathering
Our Price:  $48.50  
Autumn Tennessee Appalachia Cabin Wool Felted Painting with Grain Painted Frame
Our Price:  $162.50  
Primitive Autumn Fall Soy Jar Candle Unique
Our Price:  $26.50  
Old Oil Tin Can Graniteware Pan Primitive Harvest Gathering
Our Price:  $69.95  
Autumn Speckled Hen sign on Old Wood Fun and Unusual
Our Price:  $34.50  
Autumn Candle LED Primitive Gourd Spoon and Fragrance Oil
Our Price:  $42.50  
Antique Rockingham Glaze Yelloware Plate Perfect for Fall Decorating
Our Price:  $39.00  
Primitive Early Antique Inspired Linen Wall Pocket with Autumn Prairie Flowers
Our Price:  $34.50  
Folksy Pumpkin Penny Rug
Our Price:  $85.50  
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