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#242  Primitive Riser Make Do Grater with Old Lye Soap and Scrubby Brush Spring Gathering

Spring will be here before you know it and this offering ties in the theme of "Spring Cleaning" with a whimsical primitive twist that I hope you enjoy.

It all started with a old grater I found that inspired me to create a ever so popular "Riser". I cut little legs from cast off wooden pieces I found and then took on the task of doing my painting and aging process so they look super old from at least 10,000 BC. LOL! Four legs were applied to the bottom of the grater in all of the corners. There is no play and the grater sits securely without any wobble at all. This piece has the most wonderful dark color and almost looks like pewter. There are two half moon shaped handles on either end that really lend character to the overall look. This grater was hand ~ punched and the metal rod that makes up the handles is a continuous piece with a lapped over sheet of tin (front of the grater), to secure the rod in place. There is a slight gradual dip in the center of the grater as shown in image 5, however there are no creases or bends present. This piece is in very good condition and again the dark surface is awesome!

I found an old diminutive Pie Tin that really complimented the color of the grater quite nicely and added an old Lye Soap chunk from PA. along with a handmade scrubby brush I fashioned by hand. As luck would have it, I was able to purchase a couple pounds of olde Lye Soap from a farmhouse in PA. It was up in the rafters of a barn and apparently made by the owners grandmother years ago! I added some Sweet Annie along with a sprig of flax on the top of the soap. Cheesecloth was also used as an accent because the color was very complimentary to the soap.

I love antique brown bottles and decided to use one in this gathering. I made up a label, entitled, "Lye Soap" and found an old image I was able to reproduce of a woman actually making Lye Soap dressed in appropriate attire for that era. This was then hand stitched onto old wool from my special quilt. Cheesecloth was used to cover the top wrapped with aged string.

This gathering also comes with the burlap small runner I aged. It is the perfect size for the riser and is such a neutral color that it will fit in nicely with primitive and country decorating.

This gathering is just perfect for spring and would look fabulous in a Laundry Room, Guest Bathroom or even in the Buttery or kitchen. It is also a nice way to remind us that even though spring cleaning is fast approaching, we can rest for awhile and enjoy our surroundings without lifting a finger! Yeah right, nice thought while it lasted! :) Enjoy! The grater measures 12 1/2" across & includes the open end handles on either side, 9 1/2" without the handles, 5 1/2" Deep and stands 1 1/2" Tall. Lye Soap Brown bottle is 6 1/2"Tall & the bottom measures 2" across. The diminutive pie tin is 6" across from the outside edge to outside edge. Inside diameter is 4 1/4" and measures 3/4" tall. Olde Lye Soap Chunk is 2 1/4" by 2 1/2" by 1 1/8" Tall. Scrubby Brush stands 4 1/4" Tall and is about 1 1/2" across the bottom diameter. The aged Burlap Runner is a generous 16" Long by 8 1/4" Deep. ~Freight (Parcel Post) & Insurance included ~ within the continental U.S.


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