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#35  Old Wooden Clothes ~ Hat Rack

What a great little Rack for displaying your doll or child's dresses on! We all seem to have a space issue however, this rack measuring 20" long and 3 " High would be a perfect smaller size to add more textiles to. The form is simple which is great as your collections will show off well and receive the importance they deserve. There are two wooden pieces joined together by heavy gauge black wire that have a convenient eye at the top for hanging. The four hangers are fashioned from the same wire and have a nice decorative twist. These hangers are inserted into the wood for strength and durability and actually can be moved to either the right or the left . Neat! The top of the wire hanger measures almost 3" and the bottom is almost 1 1/2". You can actually make use of the longer top wire and hang some items in front while the bottom smaller hanger can allow for larger items below. You could even tie some small baskets on the wooden pieces to fill in your display as well.

There are four very small, the size of a pin head, holes in the front but do not come through to the back. There is also a larger hole, looks like a nail could have been removed, in the front too and does come though on the back with a small split. Please see picture.

A really versatile piece that would be wonderful for displaying all kinds of things like baskets, jewelry in a bathroom and even flax braids just to name a few. Overall wonderful condition and a nice find! ~Freight (UPS Ground) & Insurance included~within the continental U.S.


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