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#53  Primitive Painted Fifteen Drawer Box

What a great fifteen Drawer Box that definitely boasts folk art charm all the way! The soft grey paint makes this piece so neutral it will fit in any home nicely without the presence of being too overwhelming.

The maker undoubtedly made this piece to serve a purpose, maybe to be used out in the barn to store nails or other hardware in the drawers. Many of these types of Drawer Boxes, including this one, were fashioned from vintage (1930's) "Cheese Boxes" as they were readily available, i.e., cast offs from the cheese that was sold in them and perfect for this type of use. Cleverly, the maker used wooden thread spools as the drawer pulls that fit nicely and worked well. He did a fabulous job reinforcing the sides with extra pieces of wood for strength and durability. The box was fashioned from pine and small round nails were used.

Two pieces of wood were chosen for the top and the bottom base however, there is a small crack in the larger piece of wood at the top, which is a typical factor with age and use. The bottom and back were never painted. There is also a little piece of wood missing from one of the drawer fronts, at the bottom left, (Please see image 6, the drawer that is sitting on top of the box), and I color matched this area using Acrylic paint. You really can't even tell the wood was once exposed. Just below this drawer in the same image, is another drawer that apparently had some type of masking tape on a small portion of the top drawer front with a penciled in word. It looks like "Lock" and this tape was painted the same color as the rest of the box in soft grey. On one of the thread spool pulls there is a little chip that does not seem recent, (See image 5). Some minor paint loss.

Condition is very good and this piece is strong and very well made! Would look just awesome in any room of your choosing and promises to stand out and make quite a statement! The box measurements are15 1/2" Tall x 10 1/4" Wide x 9 1/2" Deep. The drawers are 2 1/2" Tall x 2 3/4" Wide x 9" Deep & 1/8" thickness. Wooden spools protrude 1/2" from the drawer front. Enjoy! ~Freight (UPS) & Insurance included~ within the continental U.S.


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