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Pair of Pantry Boxes Mincemeat Fig Necco Sweets Neat


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It’s time to get excited as this next offering will undoubtedly grace your pantry lending style, interest and color! This pair of pine pantries sporting a “mincemeat” label are not commonly found together so don’t hesitate if they speak to you! These twins offer a graduated stacking opportunity that is “Oh so special” and dates to around the turn of the century.

The advertising label suggests these were actually made for “American Fig Confections” while also bearing the name of “Necco Sweets, New England Confectionery Co., Boston, Trademark Reg in U.S. Pat. Office”. The larger pantry boasts a dark and inviting patina. The lapped over construction on the lid as well as on the side of the box lacks nails that are commonly found on other pantries but this box was made this way.

Tiny recessed nails were also used on the lid as well as the box that aided in strength and durability. A long crack appears on the front side of the lid that was apparently grandfathered in with this purchase so Harry did the necessary repair work needed to extend the life and durability as shown in images 16, 17 & 18.

The overlap area that touches the existing sides (lid and box) was much lighter in color and extended outward about a quarter of an inch. I was able to color match the existing patina to gain a seamless and consistent look. There are no chips or wood loss to report. Consistent wear including scuff marks as well as light scratches are randomly scattered throughout. The label is 90% intact but the inner design is hard to make out as shown. There is also a tiny wood chip located on the label just left of the “star”.

Inside the lid reveals the artwork that could be attributed to the mischief of a child that got creative with her pencil, drawing a series of rectangles as referenced in images 19 & 20. Condition is very good as the bottom is tight and so is the lid.

Unlike the larger counterpart this pantry sports a vertical nail construction on the front. This smaller pantry also needed a little help as the bottom was loose and so was the bottom of the lid. On lone nail was added on the side of the lid as well as several other nails that were placed at random near the bottom edge of the box and the results were a success ensuring a secure piece! I painted the nails to resemble a dull finish as referenced in images 26 & 32.

There is a tiny chip on the lid overlap as well as a two tight cracks located on the bottom edge near the overlap of the box as shown in image 22. Note the tiny pegged construction used on the underside of the lid as referenced in images 33 & 34. A sliver of wood is missing on the back location of the lid near the bottom edge as referenced in image 25 but is hard to detect. The label is about 70% intact with losses to the outside edges. This box is in good condition and is a sturdy piece.

What a fantastic statement this set would make placed on a shelf, in an open cupboard or on the kitchen counter. You can even place old stone figs nearby to tie in the theme as pictured in the first image. Great hard to find set that will compliment any space of your choosing!

Larger pantry stands 3 ¾” tall, measures 8 ½” across the top and bottom. Smaller pantry stands 2 ½” tall, measures 6 ½” across the top and measures 6 ¼” across the bottom.

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