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Antique Rockingham Glaze Yelloware Plate Perfect for Fall Decorating


Regular price $39.00

This beautiful Rockingham glazed yelloware plate measures 11 1/4" in diameter with a depth of about 1". As seen in photos 3 and 4 there is a very shallow hairline crack in the top surface which does not extend deeply into the clay. There are also minor scratches in the glaze on the inside bottom, and another slight, shallow hairline on inside rim. It is very difficult to capture these slight imperfections in photographs and the plate is in no danger of breaking. It is indeed a very lovely example and would be a fine display piece. The three light colored dots in the center of the plate indicate where the stacking stilts were placed for firing and are in no way signs of wear or damage. All things considered, we are pricing this item very reasonably and feel confident you will be happy with it.

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