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Antique Stoneware Two Toned Storage Crock with Lid


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I was able to find this wonderful crock tucked away in the country of rural Pennsylvania. A small shed that had an “Antiques” sign just above the door was just a pleasure to shop in and the “finds” were just as good! This unique late 19th to turn of the century crock has a beautiful appearance with favorable accents and details one can actually get lost in!

The two toned design gives this utilitarian piece of stoneware importance sporting a buttermilk ground as well as a deep nutmeg hue. I purposely took several pictures that reflect a lighter… almost tan ground that has a lusterware surface as shown in images 3, 5 & 8. The real color of this piece is deeper in color as referenced in the first image. However it just depends on how much light enters the room as far as what the realistic cast will convey. There is a decorative black glaze technique applied by the artist which is certainly captivating. This black glaze was done over the nutmeg ground and encompasses the upper circumference executed in a hit and miss pattern also shown in the above images. There also appears to be a black separation line noticeable in the middle to distinguish the two primary color values.

A small chip can be found right at the separation line and two more tiny chips are visible about 3” above this area. There is also an area where the glaze may not have taken properly that looks like an oval shape. Apparently crocks such as this one had the mishap of being stacked too close together in a kiln which happens from time to time. Another crock may have stuck to this one and had to be pulled apart which explains the oval unglazed area. See images 1 & 2. A tiny glaze pop is visible (see image 9, near the middle) and there are also two tiny spots that appear to be the culprit of white paint, “kitty-corner” from each other as shown in image 5.

There are a couple areas that have two indentations in the clay before it was fired as shown in images 2 & 17. An extra piece of small clay, in the shape of a circle, does protrude from the surface on the buttermilk ground but is hard to detect. A small chip is visible on the bottom outermost edge.

The bottom of this crock has interesting colors of pumpkin, teal and baby blue along with a light mustard yellow and is a mystery as far as why this was done? Another note worth mentioning is wads of clay were used on the rims, and bottoms of pottery to separate them from each other. Pieces of clay could end up getting stuck on the pottery before firing which is what happened in this case on the bottom of the crock. See image 18 (left hand side close to the bottom).

The inside boasts the same deep nutmeg ground as on the upper portion of the outside and is in great condition. The outermost inside rim area where the lid rests has a rough surface. There are three tiny chips on this rim’s edge as referenced in images 15 and 16.

This crock is in good overall condition without any cracks to report and still has the original lid as well! The bottom of the lid is unglazed and so is the area on the top of the knob handle. Tiny… (almost the size of a pin head) holes are scattered randomly throughout the top portion of the lid and could be air bubbles that have popped after that glaze was applied. There are about 13 small chips located on the outermost rim of the lid contributed to normal wear and tear. However there are no cracks to report.

The colors in this crock are neutral and will be a great fit for any color scheme! What a nice addition this would be to your existing collection because you can never own too many pieces of stoneware…… as they need friends! Enjoy!

Crock stands 9 ¼” tall, measures 5 ¾” across the top, (opening measures a little over 4”), bottom measures 6 ¾” across (right to left). Lid measures 5” across (right to left) and the knob stands ¼” tall.

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