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Redware Breininger Decorated Plate Yelloware Creamer Best of Both Worlds


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East meets West as the saying goes and in this case Redware meets Yelloware. The combination is gorgeous exhibiting vibrant autumn colors that will add interest to any cupboard, table or shelf it is placed on. Now all you need are the movement of falling leaves outside as you gaze through the window to tie in the theme!!

Both of these pieces are not perfect but I feel they will still make a nice presentation tucked in a cupboard or even on your kitchen counter. The small pitcher sports an array of colors consisting of earthy rusts, forest greens along with deep indigo blue tones implemented by dynamic random brush strokes. Double raised banding attributes in the center location that continue around the diameter are a detailed focal point.

The handle has been repaired as shown in images 2, 7 & 8. There are no cracks to report. A couple minor flakes can be found on the spout and the outside top rim but are hard to detect. One tiny sharp piece of clay near the bottom of the handle protrudes from this area but still retains the glaze. This piece is unmarked and I am uncertain of the age. The autumn flowers are also included!

The redware plate was signed by Lester Breininger and is dated “1980”. Unfortunately, this gorgeous plate has damage as it must have been dropped at one point…but has been repaired. There are several chips showing the clay that no longer retains the decoration or glaze as shown in the repeated images relating to this area referencing 11, 12 & 14.

The design is fabulous portraying a series of continuous lines with a twist of pulling the design forward in a horizontal manner. The colors are also exciting and consist of a sage green intertwined with dark highlights, an earthy vibrant rust tone with a major emphasis of a soft mustard yellow hue.

This plate came with a grouping of other Breininger plates I won at auction and actually was the prettiest out of the bunch. I hope you can forgive it’s shortcomings paired up with the lovely creamer as both pieces can still make for a nice display. Enjoy!

Creamer stands 3 ½” tall, measures 2 ½” across the top and measures 2” across the bottom. Plate measures 7” across the top (right to left), stands 1 ¼” tall and measures 4” across the bottom (flat area).

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