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Birds Eye Maple Breadboard Pewter Salt Cellar and Tin Heart


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What a beautiful gathering as shown, less the fresh parsley of course that can be presented on either a kitchen counter or a scrub top table to acquire a special country look in your home. The maple breadboard, pewter salt cellar along with the spoon not to mention the tin heart are all included and can also be displayed separately if you so choose.

The birds eye maple breadboard has oodles of prominent and exciting grain sporting semi ~ dark circles that resemble a birds eye thus the name, sprinkled throughout. The form is also very appealing boasting a gentle upward curve located near the top. Chop marks are present on both sides as shown in images 4, 5 (front) & 16 (back location). The back of this board does possess darker areas that appear to be confined to the middle as referenced in images 11, 12 & 15. There are no chips or cracks to report and this board is in good overall condition.

The open “master salt” or “salt cellar” fashioned from pewter would have been used on the table for either holding or dispensing salt using a small spoon that was made for this purpose. Salt cellars date back to England during the 15th century and were finally replaced in 1911 by the introduction of free flowing salt that was held in shakers.

This piece shows inside wear laced with dark recessed areas that consist of age related attributes as shown in image 29. There are two small hairline cracks on this piece; one located on the top edge (image 24) and the other is on the bottom foot area on the edge (image 27). The outer top rim has a slight out of round appearance. The form is wonderful! There are no hallmarks present on the underside and age is unknown.

Harry came to the rescue once again and fashioned a special salt spoon for this piece that was entirely carved by hand and is also included. The spoon is just adorable and so is the size making it a perfect mate for this cellar. The inconsistent color lends age related patina and the wooden spoon is as light as a feather.

This late 19th century tin heart mold really makes an impact on the maple board and sports a pronounced raised design element. The dark areas sprinkled throughout add character as well as the nifty fluted edge. There are light scratches on the inside as well as hot glue reside that encompasses and impacts the inside edge. No dents are present and the condition is very good.

This gathering opens a door for a multitude of decorating ideas which is always exciting and fun! When priced individually the cost would well exceed what we are asking so our advice is don’t hesitate on this special offering if it catches your eye…and yes freight is included in the price! Enjoy!

Breadboard stands 13 ½” tall including the handle, breadboard itself is 9 ¾” tall, measures almost 6 ¾” across (right to left) and is ¾” thick. Salt cellar stands 2 ¼” tall, measures 4 ¼” across the top and measures 3” across the bottom. Wooden salt spoon measures almost 4” tall, bowl measures ½” across and the handle measures almost ¼” across. Tin heart mold measures 2 ¾” from the top middle area down to the point, measures 3” across @ the widest point (top) and is a little over ¾” tall.

~Freight (Standard Mail) included, however Insurance is optional and can be purchased @ checkout ~ within the continental U.S.

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