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Breadboard Paddle Cauldron Witch Lights Up Spooky


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Happy Halloween to all! This next spooky gathering is sure to make this holiday fun and bright as the cauldron lights up with the help of four (4) double A batteries, (not included)! You will receive the breadboard, cauldron, primitive witch along with a cat and star cookie cutter. This offering is ready to set out immediately so the fun can begin right away!

A beautiful hand carved breadboard exhibiting the most delicious and rich patina was my inspiration to create a Halloween theme. There are chop marks present on the front along with dark areas sprinkled randomly throughout. The handle possesses a couple of tight age cracks located at the top and the contour shape makes for a good grip. The bottom edge of the board has a somewhat canted form and is smooth to the touch from years of use.

The back of the board appears to be a couple shades darker than the front and also has plenty of dark areas that lend character and appeal. There is a series of very tiny tight cracks located on the outermost edges on the front of the board. This board is large and may have also been used as a paddle. It is in good condition and displays quite nicely!

A contemporary cauldron (may date from the 1970’s) and was filled with billowy cotton that was accented with a strand of tiny amber lights. When lit the lights seem to gently sparkle through the cotton as if to say, Greetings and Happy Halloween!” The handle is not perfectly straight and curves upward on the left hand side just a smidge. It is a heavy piece that shows a rather consistent black surface.

A mischievous witch with the aid of a broom is busy stirring the cauldron so her potion does not spoil. She is fashioned from card stock and her festive dress was added to bring color and interest to the party! I painted her face, fashioned a black hat using orange thread highlights and also added her hair by way of thick yarn. I incorporated a broom that was custom made for her and she is happy as can be……. ready to fly off to the forest when she so chooses!

Her familiar, an old cat cookie cutter sporting a star design referencing the vent holes boasts a luscious dark appearance. Image 24 shows the separation of the lower two pieces that are no longer joined. This does not affect the rest of the cutter as it is intact and sturdy. There is also a small indentation near the tail but does not justify a crease situation. The back legs have separated from the tin back but the other soldier points holding kitty in place are strong. The tin star is actually a cake or sandwich cutter because of how deep it is and also lends an open design concept compared to the flat-back kitty. Both are late 19th century pieces and are in good overall condition.

The nice thing about this offering is you can separate the pieces after the Halloween holiday and still display the breadboard along with the cookie cutters. Don’t forget about Christmas decorating as this board would be a great display opportunity for baked goods such as cookies that can be presented at the table or can be laden with putz villages including sheep and bottle brush trees which would make for a delightful holiday centerpiece! Enjoy!

Breadboard measures a generous 22 ¼” tall, measures 2 ½” across the top of the handle, measures 6” across horizontally and is ¾” thick (deep). Cauldron stands 7” tall including the handle measures 3 ¼” tall (cauldron only), measures 4 ¾” across the top opening and measures 2 ¾” across the bottom. Battery receptacle measures 2 ¾” by 2 ½”. Witch stands 6 ¼” tall and measures 2 ¾” across @ the widest point (arm) Broom stands 4 ¼” tall and measures 1 ½” @ the widest point (bottom). Cat cookie cutter measures 3 ¾” across (horizontal), measures almost 2 ¼” tall and is 2 ¼” deep (including the handle). Star cutter measures 2 ¾” across (horizontal), also measures 2 3/4” tall (vertical) and is 1 ¼” deep.

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