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Breadboard Redware Bowl Rolling Pin Spice Bottle Kitchen Gathering


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This next offering would be a perfect fit for your country kitchen or pantry and is ready to display as soon as you receive it! An octangular sided breadboard, redware bowl with three pieces of dried garlic, carved rolling pin, heart gingerbread cookies, spice bottle and a piece of homespun are all included as pictured!

This interesting one board constructed cutting or breadboard sports angled sides and lends a dry attic finish. There are several areas that possess chips on the back edges which have pleasantly darkened with age. This piece was used on a daily basis as several age cracks, indentations and scratches are visible on both the front and back areas. The sides of this board are also consistent with tight cracks and slight wood loss. The larger crack located on the front does give a little if you push the sides down. However the back does not seem to be affected by this crack as it does not go all the way through.

A redware bowl with deep colors of rust with suggestions of dark red has two flat handles on each end. This piece has not been glazed but the finish is not extremely dry. The bowl sports almost a gentle mica appearance which is embedded into the clay that seems to faintly sparkle in the light. The color is just beautiful and the inside darker hue suggests absorption from different foods placed in the bowl that was exposed to the clay. This piece was crudely fashioned and there are no chips or cracks present. Three bulbs of dried garlic (included) can be placed inside for a great earthy look!

I felt compelled to add this beautiful, hand carved Child’s rolling pin fashioned from one piece of wood because of the rick, dark color and in keeping with the theme. This pin is in great condition without any chips or cracks to report and is smooth to the touch. Image 16 shows the hand carved detail. There is expected wear to the surface which gives us a hint that this pin was used by a sweet little girl some time ago.

The heart shaped cookies I baked using a special gingerbread recipe will last a long time and are not edible. They will absorb moisture so please keep them in a dry place lending low humidity. Cloves, anise and dried flowers were incorporated as accents……so please keep away from children or pets. There is faint flour residue present on the back.

I used an old bottle marked “Duraglas” (by “Owens Illinois Glass Company”, Toledo, Ohio 1929 to present) with a threaded top and added interesting spices inside. A label was hand painted stitched and backed with linen to act as a marker for the bottle. I did not glue the label on so it can be removed if you so choose. There is a chip present on the outer edge where the threads are located as shown in image 19. A whittled down tree branch from our farm was used as a stopper and a mustard homespun tie graces the neck. Other than the chip this bottle is in very good condition without any cracks present.

This quaint gathering would make a delightful presentation in your kitchen or pantry. You can always add seasonal items in the bowl such as greens and berries for Christmas or what about using a wee pumpkin with fresh bittersweet laid on top for autumn decorating. This gathering is fresh, unique, fun and will add instant charm to any space. Enjoy!

Breadboard measures 9 ¾” square (horizontal and vertical positions) and is ¾” thick. Redware bowl measures 5 ½” across the opening (add ¾” for each handle), measures almost 4” across the bottom and is 1 ¾” tall. Rolling pin measures 9 ¼” tall (from end of handle to other end of handle), handles individually measure 1 ¾” and the pin is 2” thick. Glass Spice Bottle stands 6” tall, measures ½” across the top opening, 2 ¼” across the bottom, front to back measures 1 ½”. Heart cookies measure 3 ½” tall and are almost 3” across the widest point (top). Garlic sizes vary but are almost 2” tall and measure 2” across the bottom.

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