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Childs Victorian Button Up Red Leather Shoes


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These wonderful child’s Victorian Button Up shoes sporting a red hue are extremely popular because of the color which is harder to find. They are not in perfect condition but still show well and boast tried and true wear from a child’s little footsteps years ago. The homespun accent tops are included and make for a terrific accent.

These shoes seem to be on the larger size and would have fit a child not a baby. When I purchased them they were missing several buttons on each shoe. I had some old cast off shoe buttons and used these as a replacement being mindful to color match the existing red which I did using paint as referenced in images 3 & 11. These buttons are just a wee bit larger than the original buttons but unless you look closely it is hard to tell.

The leather located at the top scalloped edge of the left shoe was brittle and coming apart. I remedied this situation by sewing up this area using black thread and created a recent “make-do” repair. A tiny hole is also located in the front of the shoe where a child’s toe would reside. Both of these shoes have a generous amount of wear to the leather including tiny cracks and leather loss as noted in the pictures especially in the front upper portion of the right shoe (see image 14). This same shoe also has also experienced darkened areas near the bottom on the outside (as shown in images 11 & 12) and is a mystery as far as what had occurred to cause this. An area located at the top of the scalloped edge (referencing the right shoe) only is fragile as there is a defined crease that compromises the leather.

Both shoes have been stuffed with brown tissue paper to keep their shape. If you happen to collect old baby shoes this pair would be a great addition especially because of the color. You can place them on top of old books with early child’s stockings nearby or what about creating a child’s section on top of a blanket chest using early toys, bears and possibly adding a child’s chair where they can honorably reside. I am sure you will have fun displaying these red shoes in an interesting area of your home. I just can’t believe our feet were once this small! Enjoy!

Overall height @ the top opening where the homespun is located to the bottom is 4 ½” tall, measures 5 ¾” from toe to heel and measures 1 ¾” across (width).

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