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Early Mortar Hand Carved Beautiful Patina


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If you enjoy collecting mortar’s then you may want to consider adding this beauty to your collection! It has all the exciting attributes imaginable sporting a beautiful hand carved design and the warm patina is extraordinary as well.

This 19th century piece possibly has Eastern European roots and was hand carved out of one piece of wood. The intricate design feature involves a series of “crisscross” patterns in the middle and is carried over to the bottom outside edge. Another pattern of three slanted lines, on each side, that meet in the middle depicts a “V” design located at the top and bottom…… above and below the “crisscross” pattern. Inverted “V’s” are also located on the base with three, a joining vertical lines that meet in the center.

Images 6 through 10 show a sliver of wood that has a raised appearance on the base as well as the body (middle section). These raised areas do not line up as the area on the base is towards the left compared to the middle raised area that is located towards the right. There also appears to be a burn mark located on the back as referenced in image 3. A piece of wood is missing from the bottom edge as shown in image 11 but has recovered quite well with the passing of time as the patina is consistent and matches the rest of the wood.

This primitive mortar possess great form as the base gently flares out from the body while the inside edge signifies a well-defined, crude carving technique. If you look closely whispers of concentric tree rings are present on the bottom along with several age related cracks, (see image 17). The rough edges that were present when this piece was created have now softened though time and are smooth to the touch.

The inside of this mortar possesses a dark surface and there is a small hole located on the wall as shown in image 16. Even though the pestle is missing, this piece still has loads of character and tends to be very unique. This mortar is heavy, stable, strong, sturdy and makes for a showy display piece that will indeed satisfy any antique primitive cravings we all seem to have! Enjoy!

Mortar stands 9 ½” tall, measures 6” across the top (opening measures 3 ½”) and the base measures 5 ¾” across the bottom.

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