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Harvest Folklore Corn Shucks Wreath


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This delightful wreath was created using corn shucks and is especially designed to accent a cupboard door. The colors are neutral enough to accommodate any color scheme. An old folklore tradition tells of gathering extra corn shucks from the field harvest in the fall. Once fully dried these shucks were used to make wreaths that hung in the kitchen throughout the winter season which would ensure a bountiful harvest next year.

Acorn stems and broom corn lending a deep rust hue grace the top. Each section of gathered shuck bundles were hand tied and individually placed on the wire form. Great smaller size that can also be hung in front of a window possibly in the kitchen. Small greens and berries can be tucked inside the corn shucks for holiday decorating as well. Enjoy!

Measures 10 ½” tall (top to bottom) and measures 10” across (right to left).

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