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Primitive Bee Skep Gathering Lights Up Neat


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What a wonderful way to celebrate 4th of July as this gathering promises to bring colorful charm to your home with a unique patriotic theme! Everything you see (as pictured) is included and what fun you will have when it comes time to decorate as these pieces are oh so versatile.The bee skep is entirely handmade and has a luscious primitive look that is really special! An antique hand drawn image of a skep was reproduced and attached to old burlap with cheesecloth on top as shown in image 5 and hangs lazily off to the left. Harry fashioned a gardening tool from old wire as shown in image 6 and the detail and workmanship are fantastic!

He also made this small quaint quilt rack that is kissed with a pleasing mustard hue. It free stands but can also be hung on a wall. 19th century cornflower blue homespun graces the top rack over to the left and is complimented by a contemporary red and ecru homespun that hangs off to the right. A piece of burlap acts as a wonderful backdrop for a small old roof shingle I painted boasting a crisp white farmhouse flanked by American flags and trees. It is securely hung by an aged safety pin as shown in image 8.

The bottom rack holds a complimentary piece of contemporary red and ecru homespun while a piece of burlap is accented with a heart pod and broom corn that hang off to the left.

I was able to find an old bottle that I filled with real mustard seed which lends a delicious warm tone and stuck two flags in the opening adding old fashioned patriotic charm.. at its best! The bottle is in good condition without any cracks or chips to report.

Of course all of these special items needed a base so I used an old crate lid from a grocery store in Ohio. This lid also acts as a short riser so you can use it in the pantry basically in the same fashion you would utilize the top of a breadboard, if you so choose. A rolling pin, a sugar cone and even a small storage crock would be appropriate decorating suggestions to grace the top of this crate creating plenty of farmhouse style and charm. The dark patina along with suggestions of lighter areas produce ample character to this lid and appropriate nail bleed is present.

Of course the best news is this bee skep can be lit during the evening hours and will add oodles of interest from the opening casting a soft mellow glow. An aged battery operated tea light is responsible for this occurrence and even comes with an "on and off" switch located at the bottom.

Lastly, prairie grass and unique pods were scattered around the top of the crate lid adding a delightful outdoor look! What an amazing presentation this would represent on a farmhouse table dressed with a burlap cloth! Your guests are sure to take notice but you will have to tell them this piece is one of a kind and belongs with you! Ha! Enjoy!

Bee Skep measures 7" tall, is out of round @ 7 1/2"across (right to left) & 8" (front to back). Quilt Rack stands 15" tall and measures 10 1/4" across (right to left). Wire Garden Tool measures 5 1/2" tall by 1 3/4" across @ the widest point (bottom). Overall height of the bottle with the flags inside is 15" Tall. Old bottle alone, filled with mustard seed stands 5" tall and measures 1 3/4" across the bottom and 1/2" across the top opening. The crate lid (riser) measures14 1/2" across (right to left), 9 3/4" (front to back) and stands 3/4" tall. Tea Light measures 1 1/2" across, stands 1 1/2" tall and this measurement does include the flame tip.

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