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Trencher Dressed with Hanging Apples Neat


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**~We decided to dress up this trencher using an old branch that in turn accommodates the hanging apples that lend a unique decorating twist. It is shown dressed for the holidays sporting greens and lights (not included) but can be filled with an array of kitchen items such as cookie cutters along with butter stamps as an alternative. **~


This medium sized trencher has beautiful patina throughout and the form is also desirable because of the flat handles located on each end. Old bug holes can be seen on the inside bottom area and do extend through to the underside as pictured but there is no recent evidence of their existence. Numerous scratch marks are apparent on all sides of this piece as referenced in the images. This bowl was hand carved out of one piece of wood and the carvings are more prominent on the sides of the bowl just below the handles.

Dark undertones on the surface at random surprise us lending character to the overall look. Various minor chips can be found on the edges of the handle areas but there are no cracks to report. The overall condition is good and this piece has delicious patina as well as nice primitive form.

Harry made the apple hanger fashioned from a tree branch and incorporated wire that was hand wrapped over the handle area. He used black tape to protect the bowl from the wire wrapping. I incorporated brown and white homespun to conceal the tape while also creating a primitive look. The “Y” at the top accommodates a branch that was carefully chosen for the inconsistent surface lending dark and white hues. Faux apples, walnuts and pearl onions were my inspiration for hanging ornaments that effortlessly dangle from the branch. They can easily be removed because they are not knotted. The secured branch is tied into place with wire so it will hang correctly. It will be shipped as pictured and may need a tiny bit of adjustment after you unpack it.

This bowl can be kept out all year as the hanging apples can be changed to accommodate each season and holiday. Small gourds can be added for autumn decorating along with dried quince while eggs and sweet Annie can be used for Spring decorating. Don’t forget about all the display opportunities inside the trencher as well. As stated above you can place your favorite collections inside laden with a piece of homespun that will soften the appearance. So let the decorating fun begin by getting creative with this unique bowl that promises to add a visual statement on any table or cupboard it is placed on! Enjoy!

Overall height is 9” tall @ the tallest point (right hand side end area near the handle and branch extension measures 24 ½” across (right to left). Bowl by itself measures 23” across (right to left), measures 4 ¼” tall and measures 10” (middle location). Ornaments hang anywhere from 4” to 2”.

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