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Vintage Sock Doll with Handmade Flag


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What an adorable doll fashioned from a knitted sock that proudly holds a 13 colony flag! She is ready to make your acquaintance and will fill your heart and home with charm! Her expressive, hand stitched face lends character and so does her long form.

The knitted fabric has plenty of exciting raised nub areas that present texture on her body while her head portrays a vertical weave that renders great contrast. Her hat was drawn up using the extra fabric and then tied in place. The right hand appears to have faded red letters that I can’t make out which could have possibly been marked on purpose to help identify the child owner in case it was lost.

There are a couple of holes on her right lower leg that gives us a clue that batting was chosen as stuffing. One more small vertical hole can be found on the right side of her face past her eyebrow. She is a little lumpy God love her but does stay put when in the sitting position. Her short legs and arms provide plenty of folk art character to her overall look. I added a piece of vintage brown boucle wool as a tie around her neck so the flag accent could be added.

I was able to find a print of a 13 colony flag in my “fabric stash” and hand stitched it around the twig for a unique accent. There are no offensive odors and her overall condition is good. If you happen to have an empty child’s chair this doll would make a perfect companion for this piece. She can also reside in a basket along with some flags poking out as well as incorporating rag balls too. A cute small bear or cloth kitty could be introduced and I am sure they will become fast friends! Enjoy!

Doll stands 17 ½” tall with her hat pulled upward, measures 17” with her hat in the folded position, measures 11 ¾” tall in the sitting position, measures 8 ¼” across from hand to hand, measures 4” across her bottom area and is 2 ¼” deep.

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