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A farmhouse out in the country finds solitude amongst the rolling hills that welcome a whisper of fog this early morn. These tranquil surroundings are undisturbed by the outside world for a peace of heaven was carved out and placed here as a reminder of days long past. A simpler time that we sometimes dream about touches us as we step into the threshold of yesteryear with beautiful photographs such as this! Happy Autumn to all, filled with every simple pleasure this season has to offer!

Lovely table sprinkled with Autumn charm and an open hearth fireplace in talented Edith O'Neil's Red Cape home! Such inspiration that can spark an idea for Autumn decorating in our own homes. Apple Cider is sure to follow!

Great Apple Cider Recipe available for Download! Yum!

as been busy preparing a delicious meal with a fireplace to keep them warm. Love the open hearth fireplace suited with a crane that will render tonight's supper.

A Jolly ~ Ole pumpkin keeps a close eye on the comings and goings of this early home boasting deep window sills decorated with wispy Autumn bittersweet and berries! Delightful!

Peaceful Autumn solitude awaits a visitor in this colorful forest as bright falling leaves playfully dance in the wind! Capture the moment and catch one as a keepsake!

O.K., I am not finding any nuts around here so I guess this will just have to do!

Magnificent Keeping Room decorated to the 9's with early antiques laced with Autumn touches of color that make this room so cozy and warm! Notice the 9 over 6 window in the background and the open hearth fireplace where a crane stands ready for yet another delectable meal! Love this!

Awesome shot of pumpkins on a staircase that lead up to a batten door boasting period hardware by Susan Sampson.

Oh, what a fabulous early Stone Dependency decked out for the Autumn season with colorful pumpkins that lay in waiting for a eerie harvest moon!

What a delightful place to go to the bathroom! I don't know if I would ever want to leave!

After a long day, this room beckons your soul to "bid ye peace and comfort" with candles all aglow dressed in time worn primitives with cozy Autumn accents. Relaxation is inevitable! Ah, home at last!

What a wonderful view you have from the Sitting Room as you appreciate natures work at it's best in all her colorful glory!

My name is Autumn and it is so nice to meet you! Hope you are having a splendid day today and please come visit me again, as I do get lonely! A bit of catnip on your next trip here would be most appreciated! :)

I sure hope your day is going better than this poor Hen's! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

Many fresh offerings of antiques blended with whimsical ideas will be added daily. I hope you are able to visit often. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! I am always here to help! :)

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