~Halloween Greetings from Gundy Farm~

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May friendly ghosts and cheerful Jack ~ O ~ Lanterns adorn your beautiful homestead while your farmhouse table presents delectable treats for the little ones come All Hallows Eve!

Halloween Greetings to you and yours for a magical holiday filled with mystery and fun!

Our table is dressed with magical whimsy portraying a delightful assortment of candy containers that greet you with a smile!

All of us here at Gundy Farm hopes you have a fun and exciting Halloween!
The fierce wind disturbs the quiet this eve as the branches scratch against the window panes. The moon is full and casts soft eerie shadows into the night reflecting translucent rays upon golden leaves. A black cat can be seen off in the distance with emerald eyes that gleam in the moonlight. Carved Jack ~ O ~Lanterns await a visit from children who will look forward to delectable gifts from this early homestead built in stone. An old wispy broom unearthed from the attic has seen better days as it now lays by the open hearth but ah, the stories it will tell this magical Halloween.
Come celebrate this enchanting holiday laced with folklore, charm and mystical delights with us! We have gathered some imagery that we hope will spark your creativity lending spellbinding inspiration for a fabulous "All Hallows Eve"!

"In Halloween Luck if Faith You Lack, I Bid You Consult A Cat Quite Black"!

Only primitive witches gather here!

Moon beams playfully dance on the murky water below that holds mystery and intrigue surrounded by whispers of glowing eyes. Orbs effortlessly floating in mid air seem to be held hostage between this world and the next. Antique Jack ~ O ~ Lanterns with faces all aglow are "keepers of the light" and protect this esoteric swamp from harm. Black cats that blend into the landscape are told to stay as a witch will soon return for her broomstick that will guide her way through this magical forest come "All Hallows Eve".

A darling little girl seems very eager to accept candy willingly tossed in her folksy Jack ~ ~O ~ Lantern container. Rest assured a smile will follow!

A candle burning bright in the window casts a warm glow over the lit pumpkins nestled in the strong roots of this old but not forgotten tree. A full moon's translucent light shines randomly through the dark forest revealing glimpses of movement by wee creatures below, who inhabit this secret place. The occupants living in the tree are hidden by shadows beyond the curtain. Who they are is a mystery to us all.

This owl family has taken up residence in the eerie tree pictured above. They are also very wise as they know who the occupants are and when asked there only response is Who, Who, Who.

A magical key holds the answer to secret mysteries associated with this dilapidated house that has a winding road which leads to nowhere. A black cat sits at the top of the landing and is the only living soul around. He dates to the 17th century when the house was built but this picture was just taken yesterday!

Fog seems to hold the moon captive but she still manages to overcome this temporary incarceration. Pearlized light triumphs over the dense haze in this back woods scene. A crow finds interest in a lit pumpkin coddled by an old oak tree that holds mystical powers. The murder of crows seen overhead await his delayed arrival to once again complete the number of thirteen. Intrigued and almost hypnotized by the pumpkin, this crow may miss his chance to become airborne and unite with his flock. He is a victim of the pumpkins spell!

Beautiful image of Halloween @ Seven Gables Farm, owner James Cramer who is extremely talented and has a gift for balance, color and placement! He is truly an inspiration to all!

A lit pumpkin in the window of an old farmhouse seems to beckon passersby with the magical Halloween spirit of long ago.

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