Hungry babies await a meal from their dedicated mom. She just gave us an insightful decorating idea of what we can do with old lanterns that are missing the glass globe! Thanks momma bird!

We have a huge and diversified inventory right now due to success at various Pennsylvania auctions so if we don’t have something listed yet, please ask.

Spring has arrived here @ Gundy Farm and the inside of our farmhouse is also being transformed with vibrant color from cheerful tulips! Happy Spring to all!

~Gundy Farmhouse Spring Beginnings~

Whispers that spring has gently arrived are evident here on our farm. Robins have been spotted sporting a beautiful red breast as well as the showy red cardinals. The cry of geese can be heard over the river while daffodils, tulips and crocus, the first flowers to arrive, bring color once again to the dreary landscape. Please scroll down to view some wonderful images that spring has bestowed upon Pennsylvania.

With this in mind I have been busy gathering fresh spring offerings that will be posted weekly here on our site. It is always so nice to decorate our homes for every new season that arrives. We hope you find something special that pleases both you and your homestead. Happy Spring to All!

Delicate buds are randomly scattered throughout our tree near the front porch. Ahh, the miracles of Mother Nature!

Cheerful daffodils come alive lending colorful bliss to our hill near the river! Wish they lasted all year!

Tulips were brought to America by Dutch immigrants and the earliest accounting was from a report William Penn received in 1698 advising of an estate owned by John Tatem in Pennsylvania with a garden full of tulips.

The Pennsylvania Dutch believe that the tulip symbolizes faith and everlasting life. Tulips, along with other symbols such as birds and hearts, were used in Pennsylvania Fractur Drawings. Fractur certificates depicted births, marriages and house blessings, fashioned in ink or watercolors, between the years of1740 and 1860.

Adoring crocus that seemed to bloom overnight in our garden when we awoke the next morning! What a heavenly little flower that is just as pretty as can be!

Spring House in Eastern Pennsylvania adorned with brightly colored spring flowers and a welcoming birdbath that awaits thirsty visitors.

Bucolic Amish Farm where horses peacefully graze off the land while a bordering fence secures grapes for summer picking.

Magnificent Bank Barn surrounded by a reflective pond that surely seems to sooth ones soul. Absolutely breathtaking, don't you agree?

Thanks so much for visiting and we hope you will can come back soon before we are fully grown!

I sure hope your day is going better than this poor Hen's! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

Many fresh offerings of antiques blended with whimsical ideas will be added daily. I hope you are able to visit often. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! I am always here to help! :)

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