HAPPY HOLIDAYS from our home to yours!

Please scroll down to view some enchanting CHRISTMAS pictures that should fill your heart with the holiday spirit we all cherish and love. The only thing missing is the fresh smell of pine, cedar and evergreens but the technology is not quite there yet! You will definitely be in stitches with laughter after you read, "How to Cook A Husband" story that is available for download. Inspiring decorating ideas are also part of this "pictorial vignette" I hope you enjoy.

Enter through the door below and "Good Tidings" will follow. Have fun and thanks so much for stopping by! 

~In the lane... Snow is glistening... A beautiful sight... We're happy tonight... Walking in a winter wonderland.....~ 

Beautiful Cape style home at twilight on this snowy Christmas Eve. Santa is sure to take notice!

Early lamps will illuminate this snow laden path come nightfall. Boughs deck this fence accented with crimson ribbon bows while a hint of winter berries can be seen above! Enchanting!

A gorgeous home welcomes guests for the holidays boasting festive touches of garlands, decorated wreaths and with Mother Natures help, a dusting of snow just in time for the holidays! 

A sign of hospitality could not be more prudent as candles are all aglow behind a eight over twelve early window surrounded by barn red clapboard siding! Notice the icicles just above the evergreen garland that seem to sparkle in the light! Enchanting! 

What an amazing view from the outdoor window when peering inside where a festive tree is adorned with mercury glass ornaments that glisten in the light provided from the tree. A snow driven evening aspires to warmth and comfort inside this cozy farmhouse.

Christmas Cabin Homestead Poem

Our little log cabin stands strong against wind and snow, as it was built to last centuries ago. Inside the cabin is warm and bright, casting soft shadows of candle light, upon shiny fruit ornaments hung on the tree, decorated proper by you and me. A fire crackles in the open hearth, while stockings hung on the mantle look very smart. This Christmas Eve we await a sleigh, driven by adoring reindeer that will hopefully not go astray, as our cabin holds cookies baked with delight, not to disappoint Santa this cold stormy night! 

Union Suit sports new life as a primitive wall decoration to this awesome cabin. I love the little pocket that was added to hold Christmas greens! Fun!

Am I dreaming or do they actually still deliver milk to your door? Must be a generous, olde ~ fashioned gift from Santa! Thanks!!!

What a great whimsical "Christmas Buttery" that adds so much flavor and charm interpreted by this unknown artist! Beautiful job! The sweet kitty is patiently waiting for the milk that Santa just delivered!!! Rest assured it will be warmed up for her!


Here are a couple of great puzzles related to the holidays that I think you or the little ones may enjoy. Click on the images for the full sized versions you can download! Have fun!

I found this darling story that is guaranteed to fill you with laughter, honest, entitled, "How to Cook A Husband" from the Yankee Kitchen Cookbook circa early 1800's, that I thought would be appropriate for Christmas! Please click on link below to view entire story and this is also available for download because you absolutely want to share it with friends and family. Who knows?....... It may even find it's way on your holiday table, right where your husband sits! LOL! Enjoy!

Magnificent staircase accented with Christmas greens and a Williamsburg style fruit decoration that is proudly displayed on the post! Just grab an apple as a midnight snack without having to go into the kitchen! Nice primitive checkerboard collection that really stands out so well against the neutral wall! Love this!

A little nook in my home that shows off the bucket I created with a hand ~ fashioned snowman family! "Let It Snow"!

Another little nook in my home where I used a warm and cozy quilt as a backdrop for the German antique Lantern I decorated for the holidays. I wanted to keep the integrity of the wick in place so Harry lit the lantern from the top so the light shines down directly on the forest scene I created using bottle brush trees along with Pine cones.

A delectable Gingerbread House holds plenty of detail accented with decorative bright colored candy and icing! The horse pull toy in the background and fluffy sheep are waiting for a nibble when the coast is clear! Beautiful!

Astounding early treen bowl collection grace a farmhouse table in this dinning room that has such a primitive cozy look. The mantle is dressed in greens with a nice redware plate collection in the background while a sparse feather tree makes quite an impression displayed in the deep windowsill. Greens woven in and out of the twelve arm chandelier tie in the holiday theme while offering plenty of Christmas cheer indeed!

There certainly is allot going on here in this early homestead with the hustle and bustle on Christmas day! Everyone is busy preparing a tasty holiday meal that will be enjoyed by all! Even the precious little child has a mortar and pestle she seems to be playing with but is also preoccupied by her brother! Wonderful interpretation by the artist and phenomenally done!

Simplicity at it's best!! Tranquil water surroundings are a perfect backdrop for this little boat adrift in a canal decorated with evergreen trees and poinsettia's! Lovely!

"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

I sure hope your day is going better than this poor Hen's! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

Many fresh offerings of antiques blended with whimsical ideas will be added daily. I hope you are able to visit often. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! I am always here to help! :)

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