My Spirit Of Seven


Spirit two days old with Mom

Spirit with his Littermates @ one and a half months

Spirit with Daddy! He sure does love to chew! Yikes!! Hide the Antiques! 

Spirit's first visit at the Vet's! He did not even cry when he was given his shots! Brave boy, I fainted! 

Still a happy little guy after his exam! Just look at that face!!! 

Spirit now at five months old with his best friend! Oh, how he loves him!

Spirit taking a little rest from his play time! He likes sleeping on his back and looks like a little white seal!! 

Spirit looking guilty! He actually ate an old "Headache Remedy" box filled with powder wrapped in paper. This is our equivalent of Tylenol today! He was treated early and is just fine, thank goodness! I needed something stronger after this ordeal, like a valium! 

What did you say???...Something about a treat for ME!

Just having Fun under the Sun! What a great day! :) 

Here we go again! I told that darn cat to stay away from MY yard!

Kashka & Tara enjoying a lazy summer afternoon on the window sill. 

Kashka still loves to cuddle with her adopted Mom Tara, the white ghost! We call her that because when she hides, you can never find her! Tara took such good care of Koshka when we brought her home from the hospital, as a six week old kitten! Koshka, was brought to me and suffered head trauma, as she was hit by a car, starving and had become anemic from the fleas! Her head was twice the size of her fragile body and she was barely alive. It took her about three months to recuperate but pulled though just fine, thanks to Tara's help! Our white ghost, also was a rescue and had to be trapped to get her the well deserved medical care she needed! 

Meet our latest additions Cory & Mica, little brother & sister. I was being very good....Honest, but when I went to pick up food at my Vet's, they had a carrier full of little rescue kittens that needed homes, in the Waiting Room. I took one look at little Mica who was just bursting with personality and that was that! I chose her little brother Cory because he was the runt of the litter and was afraid he would not get adopted. Carrier and kittens in tow, I walked out and brought them home! They are adorable and are just so attached to each other, especially Cory as he loves his little sister! My old field cradle makes a great little resting spot for them and they seem quite at home amongst my dolls! 

Kashka taking good care of her newly adopted kittens! We have a rule here which is, the last rescue in, takes care of the latest rescue I bring. I had no part in this decision but have observed how this magically happens! How fortunate we all are!! 

Mica is truly a primitive kitty! She nestled right into the old staved bucket filled with flax to take a rest from her playtime! So much for the Flax! 

Little Cory in the window mesmerized with the swish of Mica's tail! A pounce seconds later is warranted!

Cory growing up! Yikes! My four poster bed will never be the same! What I want to know is what the heck is wrong with the scratching post I bought? 

Mica is just so darn cute! She loves posing for me and takes the cutest pictures! She is sun bathing in my kitchen window and knows when I have my camera in hand! 

Two generations of Mom's! Mica just loves Kashka and Kosh still enjoys caring for her and being a mom. Tara keeps a watchful eye in the background. 

Soooo cute!!! Mica really enjoys all of the attention from Kosh and is quite contented with all that love! I could hear her purring from across the room! 

Mica nestled in our bread basket on top of the frig! Our bread will never be the same! She finds the most precarious places to rest! 

I think the water bowl needs filling! Now, please!! 

Getting ready for a cat nap on a cold winters day.

Little Mica making herself right at home in my Dough bowl laden with settlers pillows. A cat nap seconds later is imminent. 

Mica just about ready for yet another little cat nap. Even Cory's invite to play won't tempt her! 

What a life! Cory taking a little "cat nap" in a stoneware bowl with a perfect birds eye view of my yard through the window! Speaking of birds, he saw several this early summers morning but decided he was exhausted from all the excitement!

This page is dedicated to my dear and wonderful friend Dee who is no longer here. Her compassion towards animals is unsurpassed even by me. She rescued many and provided them with a loving home and met all their needs every single day. She was the most incredible, extraordinary and special person I have ever met and I will truly miss her. She touched so many lives in such a positive way but now has her wings. You will always be in our hearts and will be blessed for the generosity and love you so willingly shared. Maggie is in flight. :)

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