Current Happenings at Gundy Farm

27th March, 2015
After traveling 2,600 long miles, we finally arrived at the farm after midnight on March 27th.  A trip to Wal-Mart was in order before we could see our home, as the movers were scheduled to come the next day, on Saturday and had all of our belongings in the 18 wheeler truck!  Our realtor rented a bed for us but we had to purchase extra blankets as the weather was certainly a lot colder than what we were used to living in California.  As we traveled down Route 15 with great anticipation headed for River Road,  no street lights were visible which was a common occurrence in Los Angeles and boy it sure was dark!
When making our way up the hill, we approached our homestead, now traveling on River Road.  My heart was racing and the excitement was building as we pulled in the gravel driveway!  I could feel the tears run down my face as I was now able to see this early brick home in person for the first time!  There was complete silence and not a word was spoken as our attentions were focused on this lovely home flanked by mature, yet barren trees. The brick walkway was lit leading up to the screened porch while the old, yet dimly lit lantern in the front seemed to welcome it's new owners to the 175 year old farm.  I could almost hear whispers of the people who lived here years ago, asking who we are.  As I stepped out of the RV on solid "Gundy Farm" soil, the brisk, cold wind seemed to break the spell as I realized we were finally home!
24th March, 2015
We are on our way to Pennsylvania but are really pressed for time.  The movers left a day before we did on March 21st and we have to arrive on Friday, March 27th!  I was able to take very few pictures so I decided to use Harry and Spirit at the Colorado River.
The trip was a lot of fun as I gazed out of the window in our RV with the wind blowing in my hair.  It certainly was windy, especially in Nevada and Utah!  I thought the RV would actually take us to Kansas, like in the Wizard of OZ and shorten our trip but this was not the case.  Instead it delayed us even further and I really thought with all the swaying we were going to be blown off of the road!  Have you ever tried to go potty in an RV with these windy conditions!  Yikes is all I can say!  I was able to see states I had never seen before and the countryside landscape was just breathtaking.  We would love to go back and revisit some states like Iowa and Indiana when we have more time.
16th March, 2015
Moving Truck for Pennsylvania Move
Well, my dear friends, this is the truck that hauled all of our possessions, plus the business to Pennsylvania.  Now, imagine unpacking the contents of what this truck held because it was "filled to the gills", so to speak!  How embarrassing but we are among friends, right?
4th March, 2015    
Whew!  We were able to rent an RV after all because availability was limited and we are just thrilled!!  The quote we received to move all of our items was shocking and I almost went into cardiac arrest however the smelling salts did their job of rescuing me!  Believe it or not an 18 wheeler truck is in order for our possessions, business inventory included and we won't be sharing it with anyone else which is a good thing!  So, with that said we will be scheduled to leave California on the 21st of this month!  I can't believe this is finally going to be a reality as it seems like we have waited so long for this to happen!  Pennsylvania here we come!  Hope you are having a wonderful day today and staying warm!!  Apparently in Lewisburg there was freezing rain and sleet yesterday which hampered travel.  We have to fill up the, ever hungry oil tank again but I guess this is just part of what we need to do.  I sure hope the farmhouse appreciates it as we have not even moved in yet!!  Ha!
2nd March, 2015   
My goodness the weather sure has been cold on the east coast and our little farmhouse even suffered!  I got a call from our realtor that the oil tank was low so we got an oil company out to fill it.  Somehow 100 gallons of oil disappeared within a week so our contractor replaced the oil tank and the oil was refilled.  Four days ago we learned our pipes in the kitchen froze but we will have water by the time we get there at the end of March!  The pipe issue still has to be addressed and, Oh Joy, the kitchen wide plank floorboards have to be removed to get to it!  We know nothing from oil tanks or hot water radiators as the heat we use here in California is a gas furnace that is pretty much maintenance free except for changing the filter once a year!  I will certainly have to take a crash course on all of this!  I hope everyone is staying warm and that this weather will break soon!  A robin was spotted last week in Lewisburg by our contactor which is a welcomed sign that spring is on its way!
We are trying to reserve the RV that will take all of us to Pennsylvania and should hear something tomorrow.  Meanwhile the facilitator came out to assess our move last Friday from the moving company and all I can say is, have the smelling salts handy when I get the quote tomorrow!  Yikes!  If all goes well we will be leaving on the 20th of March for quite an adventure!  I can only imagine what people must have gone though when they headed west in covered wagons with a family and the few possessions they had, so really I can't complain!  We are just so anxious to get there because….please sit down for this one……. we purchased this farm without ever seeing it in person!  Are we nuts….probably, but felt very confident with over 100 pictures and all the inspections that were done to make a secure buying decision.  Of course, our realtor was a huge help as she was very well acquainted with the home and the area.
This farmhouse is almost like a gift that keeps on giving.  It is similar to opening up a present to reveal another smaller gift inside.  For example, I just found out we have a corn crib in the garage behind an old batten door right next to the pie stairs.  There is also a two seater outhouse just behind the corn crib, outside of course!  Just so handy when using cast off corn shucks for toilet paper!  Ouch!  Two doors in the attic, when opened let air in though a large early vent so the attic has ventilation besides the windows.  This is almost like finding a wonderful antique under a table that does not hold high regard with the seller!  Neat!  Can't wait to see what other mysteries we uncover when we arrive!  Stay tuned as we promise to take you with us on our journey and when we land at Gundy Farm!  Blessings to all!

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