Judy's Christmas Present


I am so excited to announce that Judy, who also shares this website with me just bought an 1857 Farmhouse in Virginia!  She has waited a long time to have this dream realized but finally found a home that was a good fit!  This certainly was a nice unexpected Christmas present from her husband! 

She has not moved in yet so I wanted to surprise her with what this house could look like next year for the holidays as all we had to go by was a picture that was taken in the Fall!  Thanks to Amy, my graphic artist, the outside of this home has been transformed into a winter wonderland dressed with Christmas magic and offers a warm welcome to all! 

I am also including some pictures of the inside, that has all the makings of a blank canvas that Judy will literally turn into a warm and inviting home with her primitive country touches! 

We will update this page so you can see the progress of this early homestead being transformed once Judy moves in, next year!  Santa has certainly been good to Judy and proves that dreams do come true, if you just have a pound of patience and a pint of fortitude!  Congratulations my dear!!!




Judy and her husband have not quite figured out what this room actually was used for but they think it may have been either a "Gathering Room" or quite possibly an examining room, i.e. physicians quarters as a doctor once lived there years ago.  Interesting enough, this room does have pie stairs.  A mystery yet to be solved!


Judys_House_Parlor_Fireplace A


This next image shows a beautiful formal parlor that probably had a "porte cochere" which means, ("A carriage entrance leading through a building or wall into an inner courtyard), which in this case is off the south side of the house.  There are indications that may solidify this theory as the back steps leading into the doorway of this home are no longer there however, it is a steep drop from the door leading outside.  Just look at the built in cupboard boasting period hardware off to the right of the awesome fireplace!  Perfect area that will hold Judy's antique collections!!  Sweet!

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