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Pug Dog Pull Toy Named Winston


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Adorable pug pull toy named Winston is respectively requesting a forever home! He dates to the early 20th Century and has hand painted features done in black on his cloth body. Metal wheels are intact and so are his brown glass eyes you can get lost in!

Winston does show age related wear throughout that include darker areas as well as some minor holes one on the back left hip and the other on the front left paw. Cloth is worn and some areas reveal the woven fabric underneath. He is still able to wag his cropped tail when he is greeted by a kind visitor. Winston’s leather collar is also intact and so is a portion of the attached original chain.

There is no axle or horizontal bar connecting the wheels which is usually a common feature. Instead, each individual wheel is attached to the outside paw area. The front right paw does have a slight tendency to turn inward but Winston does not seem to mind. Only one wheel turns freely. His body was fashioned from a hard composition therefore he is not stuffed. Winston is hard to find, very special and can’t wait to make your acquaintance!

Stands 7 ¼” tall @ the front location (head to paw), stands 5 ¼” tall (rear), measures 8 ¼” across (nose to tail) and measures 1 ¾” across the rear.

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