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Keeper of Autumn Bottle Doll


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It is a funny thing regarding how people perceive folk art. You either love it or hate it. Folk artists rely on things being out of proportion, exaggerated or even askew and seem to have their own interpretation of bringing creations alive using off beat ideas from their heads. So, this next offering may cause delight or fright as you interpret my work rendering a sale or not.

”Keeper of Autumn” is a one of a kind bottle doll that holds the spirit of autumn in her heart. She was fashioned using an old brown bottle for the base that is hidden behind her dress and shawl. I used a cast off walnut shell the squirrels left behind for her head and added simple but effective facial features using a brush stroke of whimsy to her inner heart shaped face. She offers a warm smile to everyone that gazes upon her as this free spirit embraces the fall season with tremendous conviction! Aged cheesecloth was added to act as a head shawl so she will stay warm when the weather turns cold. A dowel was inserted into the bottom of her walnut head so it can be placed inside the opening. Her head can also be positioned to your liking as well.

I aged onesburg and used this for her dress that was strategically wrapped around the bottle. Twig arms were added and so was a vintage woven shawl that boasts bittersweet orange and chocolate nutmeg hues. I fashioned a stand using the end of a gourd and attached an old thread spool that she proudly stands on. You may have to be patient while positioning her just right so she won’t fall but the results are worth it.

Dried corn shucks and corn tassels stitched together using old string accent the back of her body and lend even more autumn flavor to the overall look. They are held in place by way of a single strand of yarn that can be removed if you so choose.

”Keeper of Autumn” can be placed anywhere in your home and promises to always hold the spirit of fall in her heart as well as to greet you with a warm smile! Enjoy!

Bottle doll stands almost 10” tall (including the corn shucks), doll itself stands 5 ¾” tall, bottom measures 2 ½” across (right to left) and she is 2” deep, head measures 1 ¾” tall and measures 1 ½” across (right to left). Gourd stand measures 1 ¼” tall, measures 3 ½” across the bottom and the spool is 1 ¾” across (right to left).

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