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Double Heart Tin Cake Mold Unique


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Cake anyone? Of course, if the cake is not enough to get you excited what about the unique heart design presented at the table! This mold boasts glorious dark patina and even has a “springform” feature to aid in removing the baked cake with ease. There is an elongated tab located in the front that can be removed to open the two sides. The bottom is also removeable. These are wonderful features that assist the cake in keeping it’s form as this pan is rather deep.

An open center heart along with an outside heart present a seemingly double love design that is quite magnificent! Great tinsmith workmanship! The open center heart could be filled with fruit such as berries while the outside edge could also be laden with other fruits. This pan dates around the 1930 to 40’s era and is in wonderful condition!

If you love collecting hearts I am sure you would not want to miss out on adding this enticing piece to your collection! The deep form allows you to possibly add heart cookie cutters inside along with wooden butter stamps too. You can also place dried orange or apple slices inside along with a festive potpourri as well. Very unique piece that I am sure you will enjoy!

Measures 8 ½” across from the center top point to the bottom, measures 9” across @ the widest point (top) and is 3” tall.

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