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Firkin Bucket Brown Paint Homespun Cover


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Classic firkin buckets still receive plenty of attention in the antique world because they are unique and possess a coopered design element that is quite desirable. They are certainly a mainstay and as far as I am concerned will never go out of style! Many firkins are coveted for their size as well as the various paint colors we seek with excited anticipation which makes for a fun item to collect.

This firkin is of the medium size variety and sports mellow chocolate brown paint. Though it is missing its lid one can improvise as I have done here by adding a homespun cover with delicious mustard and butterscotch hues. This piece dates to the late 19th century to the early 1900’s. The end fingers are all accounted for but only one has the staple as shown in image 4. The left side near the mushroom knob that secures the handle has two holes present but are not detected when the handle is in the upward position as referenced in images 10 & 11. These holes do not penetrate through to the inside area.

Appropriate age related wear is evident throughout this piece that include minor scratches and paint loss on the bottom edge as well as the outer edges of the handle. A small tight horizontal crack appears on the top finger lap near the first nail as shown in image 4. The mortised construction shown at the top edge of the bucket joins each independent stave together as referenced in image 16. The pegged handle moves freely. There is an area on the underside of the handle that exhibits wear as the brown paint is no longer visible as shown in image 12.

The inside of the bucket, (bottom location) shows opaque green paint in a couple areas as depicted in images 14 & 15. There is also a dark streak running in a vertical location inside near both of the wooden pegs (right and left hand side), as shown in image 17. A rough area appears just below the inside edge as well as a chip as referenced in images 18 & 19.

I used double sided tape on the top edge of the firkin in several areas to secure the fabric lid. The homespun used is very soft and feels cozy like flannel. Overall the condition of this firkin is good and would make a nice display piece for either your pantry or could also take up residence on a bucket bench too. The rich brown paint is certainly an attribute and so is the unique homespun cover. Enjoy!

Firkin stands 13 ¼” tall including the handle, measures 9” tall excluding the handle, measures almost 9 ¼” across the top and measures 10” across the bottom.

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