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Spice Box Cabinet Eight Drawers All Marked


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This late 19th to early 20th century spice cabinet is one of the best examples I have come across boasting delicious patina and great form! The two later knob additions located on the top drawers constitute a “make-do” situation that is a charming feature by lending further character to this interesting piece.

There are traces of apple green paint limited to the left hand side as shown. The rest of the piece exhibits a warm nutmeg surface that only age can lend. There is a tight crack on the left side panel near the bottom that travels all the way up to the top location as referenced in images 24, 25 & 26. A piece of wood was joined pertaining to the right side panel near the top as shown in images 19 & 20 to possibly remedy a break that also affected the inside drawer compartment.

The stamped drawer fronts all have the name of the designated spices it held along with “Baking Powder” and “Soda” labeled for baking purposes. A couple of the wooden knobs show a single chip referring to the “Pepper” and “Cinnamon” drawers. The porcelain replacement knobs lend a sponged look done in black and do show signs of light wear. The screws used to secure these knobs in place do have a shiny appearance. One screw has a hexagon washer behind it (inside of drawer) while the other is “held fast”. Some of the other wooden knobs boast a pegged feature to secure them to the drawer front.

The drawer marked “Mace” and “Pepper” have a replacement bottom added to the existing piece of wood because of the condition as shown in image 14. There is also a chip on the back left hand corner of the “Mace” drawer as referenced in images 11 & 12. The drawer fronts have been cut on both opposing sides as a way to interlock the side panels which is similar to a dovetail feature. Drawer marked “Cinnamon” has experienced a tight crack along with some wood loss visible from the inside only. A tiny chip appears on the “Soda” drawer inside only (top right area). All other drawers are in good condition.

The gentle curved back brings a nice design feature to the overall look and there are two holes provided so this box can be hung. It is a heavy piece and appears it was primarily used as a tabletop version. The back was painted in a deep Spanish brown color. Tiny round head nails were used to fashion this piece.

The overall condition is very good and this spice box displays quite well! The generous shelf at the top offers more display area for perhaps a miniature coffee grinder or even a small mortar and pestle. It would be perfect for a country kitchen sprinkled with fond memories of cooking and baking special meals for a family over a century ago…if only it could speak!

Overall height is almost 17” tall including the back @ the tallest point, back measures 11” across while the front box area holding the spices measures 9 ¼”. Top (shelf) measures almost 10” across and is 4 ¾” deep (front to back). Bottom measures 11” across and measures 5 ¼” deep (front to back). Drawer measures 4” across, measures 4 ¼” deep (front to back), measures 2 ¾” tall and drawer side panels are ¼” thick.

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