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Antique Dry Measure Primitive Tree With Sugar Cone Ornaments Lights UP


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If this next offering does not represent an olde ~ fashioned country Christmas, I don't know what will! All of the hand pieced decorated ornaments using authentic sugar cones, dried fruit, pinecones and a cranberry garland are included and this tree lights up as well! Very unusual and one of a kind. The wonderful antique dry measure acts as a base for the tree and is also included in this yuletide gathering!

The tree I choose has a great rustic look accented with wispy brown faux branches that add interest and color to the hunter green stems. The light cord lending the same brown color actually is concealed within the tree itself.

Cheesecloth was used around the base to accent the authentic wee sugar cones and wire was then wrapped around this area and extends upward to act as a hanger. Fresh greens from our garden along with faux berries sprinkled with an aged chenille candy cane were added in the front for a pop of color. You will received 4 of these unique sugar cone ornaments each decorated differently. See images 4, 8 & 9.

Natural elements that are also included are pine cone ornaments using acorn caps, dried sweet potato slices embellished with fresh greens, berries and anise, dried oranges decorated with tallow and red berries along with fresh greens, dried pearl onions and a festive cranberry garland.

I favor using antiques as bases for interesting trees like this one therefore a dry measure was chosen that lends an early look to the overall appearance. This 19th century piece of treen offers exciting accents of "tin banding" features that are set around the top and bottom edges as well as vertically in four areas. Half of the bottom front area has lost its tin banding feature. However this happened long ago as the dark wood underneath can attest. A crisscross pattern fashioned from tin can be seen on the underside of this measure and there is a small "tin chip" missing on one band only. See image 20. Lapped over band construction seems to rule the day located at the top edge in the front with two nails to keep it in place.

The measure is well dressed with nails in a vertical position to keep the overlapped wooden edge securely in place. This thick walled measure is in overall good condition without any wooden chip loss to report. The color is dark, warm and wonderful!!!

I highly recommend that you freeze the orange, sweet potato, sugar cone and cranberry garland by placing them in a large freezer bag for at least a week after the holidays to help keep their color and to discourage any bugs from eating the ornaments. They can even stay in your freezer all year and can be used for the next upcoming holiday season.

What a great presentation this would make on a table, in a window sill or on a cozy mantle! This piece is sure to bring rustic, natural and one of a kind charming elements to your homestead sprinkled with hearty, olde fashioned, Christmas cheer! Enjoy!

Overall height including the measure to the top of the tree is 20". Tree measures 10" across @ the widest point and measures 4" across the bottom which is wrapped in burlap. Dry Measure stands 5" tall, measures 6 3/4" across the top & 6 1/2" across the bottom. The dry measure walls are 1/4" thick. Dried cranberry garland is over 12" long. Wee Sugar cone ornament stands 1 1/2" tall and measures and 1 3/4" tall which includes the wire hanger. Sugar cone measures 1" across the top and 1 1/2" across the bottom. ~*Sugar cone measurements will vary slightly~*Orange & Potato Slices measure approximately 2" by 2". Pine cone stands 2" tall and the heart pod also stands 2" tall.

~Freight (Standard Mail) included, however Insurance is optional and can be purchased @ checkout ~ within the continental U.S.

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