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Autumn Sugar Cone


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I just love sugar cones as they are so unique and have splendid decorating possibilities in your kitchen.  This is the "real deal" as it is an authentic pure sugar cone this is in keeping to tradition.  The early sugar cones were wrapped in blue paper and hung to keep them safe from pesky critters.  Our ancestor's were very frugal and even used the dye from the blue paper.  

I used some corn husks that I aged and wrapped this around the cone with string.  Cheesecloth is also wrapped around the base and the year "1856" was hand-stitched on 1880's fabric as a little accent.  Two small sprays of Prairie flowers reminiscent of autumn colors were added for color.  A vintage fluted base boasting a nice pewter color comes with this sugar cone and is offered to help protect the surface you are placing it on.  The cone fits just perfectly inside of the fluted tart tin. 

The overall height is 8 1/4" tall, (height may vary slightly), as these are individually hand-made, by 2 1/4" across the bottom and 1" across the top.  The tart tin is 3" across the top and tapers to 2" at the bottom. 

Would look awesome placed on a cupboard shelf with your favorite primitive kitchen "finds" or on your kitchen window sill to capture that Autumn magic we all love!  Enjoy!

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