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Baluch Beluch Persian Rug Early 20th Century


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This very special and unusual Persian rug dates from the early 20th century presenting bold and strong earth tone colors such as rust, rich ocher, spice brown, ivory, maroon and Prussian blue. The center-field geometric leaf designs (my interpretation) seem to take our breath away while quadruple individual pattered borders demand even more of our attention. This is just a stunning piece that was entirely handmade.

The materials commonly used in Baluch rugs are cotton, wool, and occasional goat or camel hairs. All Baluch rugs were woven with asymmetrical knots and each rug created has a knot count of over 100 per square inch. These rugs can take months to complete as they are labor intensive works of art. Originally, these rugs were of the smaller variety as they were used as prayer rugs.

Characteristic traits of Baluch rugs include the repetition of a singular pattern which is what this style is known for. Geometrical motifs consisting of hexagons, rectangles along with triangles create an amazing visual effect.

Burgundy wool was used to reinforce the woven ends (right and left hand sides) while the top and bottom reflects a short fringe design element. Areas of fraying can be found at random on the burgundy woven ends as shown in images 4, 5 & 17.

Some of the weave regarding the fringe seems to cascade over the edge as shown in image 14. A couple areas seem a little lighter in color than the rest but this textile is in overall good condition.  The colors are strong, consistent and there are no stains to report. Fringe loss is very minor and hard to detect. There is also a hole near the edge along with some fabric thinning dedicated to this area only, located near the middle as shown in image 6 referenced by the arrow.

This exceptional intricately woven rug displays beautifully! It is shown on a 58” by 37 ½” antique chair table angled in a triangle manner. These rugs start at $400.00 and can exceed the $1,000.00 mark but I was able to purchase this for a good price and am passing the savings along to you.

Perfect to set a large trencher on filled with autumn pleasantries that will create a fabulous harvest table setting. This textile can also transition into the holidays as well with perhaps a large pewter charger filled with a fresh pineapple surrounded by greens, berries and sugared fruit lending a Williamsburg Christmas theme!  Don't forget the Wassail!  Enjoy! 

Rug measures 49 ½” tall by 29” wide.

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