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Birds Eye Maple Bowl and Chopper


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19th century birds eye maple turned bowl also includes an early forged chopper that looks terrific when presented together. The slightly out of round bowl does have multiple burn marks on the bottom and some have experienced a recessed area. One lone mark is present on the rim. Darker areas inside the bowl offer color variations in the wood. The bottom has a small age crack as well that shows on both sides. Faint areas of the bids eye pattern are visible on the back side and appear at random. There are no chips or heavy chop marks present.

Early 19th century Chopper has luscious patina on the maple handle and the blade clearly shows indications of worked iron done at the forge. However there is some pitting. There is an age related crack located at the bottom of the handle as shown in the last image.

This set still displays well and the smaller size contributes to more decorating possibilities. Enjoy!

Bowl measures 10 ¾” across, measures 10 ¼” front to back, stands 2 2/4” tall and bottom measures 4 ¼” (part that touches the surface it is placed on). Chopper measures 5 ½” tall, handle measures 5 ¾” across and blade measures 5 ¼” across @ the widest point.

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