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Childs Portrait Folk Art Prints Set of Three Sweet


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These child’s portraits are just charming and are offered as a set of three. It appears they were cut out of either a catalogue or a special antique magazine years ago. Two of the portraits are referenced by the original painting as far as the year and the name of the painting as indicated on the reverse. One of the portraits has glass on the back of the frame referencing the boy with toy horse. None have glass on the front.

A horse pull toy stands near a little boy who seems to be held off-guard by the expression on his face. Notice the dress he is wearing that shows detailed embroidery worked in black thread. The back reads: “Unknown American painter circa 1850 entitled, “Boy with Toy Horse”. The old frame is very detailed and sports a soft avocado green hue.

The next portrait is called, “Girl in Green”, unknown American c. 1800. She is holding a book and is wearing a pearl necklace. Old frame is detailed showing a repeated floral motif on the edge.

The last portrait makes no specific reference. A bird is perched on top of a boy’s finger and seems quite content with his surroundings. The wide ruffled collar seems to make quite a statement against the dark blue shirt. A repeated design influences the edge of the frame.

All of the portraits are in good overall condition. The face of the little “boy with toy horse” has a couple dark areas under his eyes. All frames are also in very good condition without any chips or cracks to report. This set makes for a great display opportunity as the portraits are small and will not take up much room. They can be shown together or separated. Perfect for a bedroom situation with perhaps cloth animals, a pull toy horse or Putz sheep set nearby. Enjoy!

Boy with Toy Horse measures 6” tall, measures 5” across and is ½” deep. Gird in Green Dress stands 6” tall, measures almost 4 ¼” across and is almost ½” deep. Boy holding Bird stands 6” tall and measures almost 4” across and is almost ½” deep.

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