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Cubby Box with Drawer Putz Sheep Mittens


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What a unique cubby box dressed in holiday attire that includes a Putz Sheep, greens, red child’s mittens and a contemporary ruby red matte finish ornament. This originally may have been used as a small tool box with a convenient iron handle located at the top. The drawer is fashioned from an old crate that slopes toward the back.

The three cubbies on the top provide imagination for decorating these spaces using small items. The cubbies do possess a downward slope so objects may have to be placed directly in the front location. This piece dates to around 1920’s to 40’s and has glorious color lending a medium nutmeg hue with darker variations mostly related to the right side showing a horizontal line near the top. It was fashioned from pine and small round head nails were used for the construction as referenced in image 14.

Appropriate wear can be found on the edges and the back (right area) has experienced a couple cracks near the top where the nails are located as well as on the bottom. There is slight wood loss on the bottom right corner. It appears there was paper left on from the salvaged crate that can be seen when the drawer is removed at the top (roof area) as shown in image 8.

The drawer has a brass knob connected by a nut and secured by a square washer on the inside location. There is what appears to be a letter “L” drawn in ink on the inside back panel. The drawer must have been used to store various items inside as it exhibits a dark appearance on the bottom. The box and drawer are in overall good condition and this nifty piece displays very well!

A little putz sheep found her way in a private cubby that she now calls home. Her wooly coat features little knubs that add texture and interest. There is a chip on the left side of her ear as well as a tiny nick on the right. She sports a lipstick mouth, red collar, has stick leg construction and is in good overall condition.

The hand knit red Child’s mittens are accented with greens and tied with red and white twisted yarn. They are contemporary and the condition is fine. This cubby box does not take up much room and would be a great showcase for your smalls. You can just remove the holiday items and replace them with everyday collections of your choosing. The top can also be used for display as well! Very unusual piece that may indeed be one of a kind! Enjoy!

Box stands 8” tall, measures 9” across (right to left), measures almost 7 ¼” front to back. Cubbies (display area) measures 2 ½” across, measures 2” tall and is 7” deep. Drawer measures 8” across, measures 5” tall in to front location and measures 3” tall in the back and measures 7” deep. Sheep stands 1 ¾” tall (head to foot), measures 1 ½” tall (rear area), measures 1 ¾” from the nose to tail and measures almost ½” across the rear.

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