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Dish Drainer Old Farmhouse Gathering


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This wonderful dish drainer sporting a dark surface acts as a great display piece for your country kitchen sprinkled with farmhouse charm. Everything inside this drainer is included and was hand chosen for the colors as well as what would be appropriately "fittin".

I admit I had trouble finding just the right pieces to use in this drainer as the prices of antique plates and bowls were quite expensive but as luck would have it I was able to find suitable dishes that were reasonable! If you priced these items individually, it would definitely exceed the total cost of what I am asking.

The old dish drainer is in good condition without any breaks in the wire mesh. There is some light surface rust as to be expected with age but the overall color is consistent. The utensil tray bound by two pieces of wire can be flipped over so cleaning at that time would be more efficient. The tray cannot be removed.

I adore this red and white enamelware plate boasting a marbled swirl design because it brings in plenty of color to the scene. There is a small chip located in the center but could also be a manufacturing flaw as this area is very smooth to the touch. Please see image 22. The black rim has several tiny chips, i.e. flea bites on the edges. However the rest of the plate is in fine condition.

Horn handled civil war era, matching knives sporting gorgeous silver inlay detail make quite a statement. The luscious Carmel color on the handle is certainly attractive and there are no chips or inlays missing either. One of the knives does have some metal loss at the top of the carbon steel blade as shown in image 5.

The three tined civil war era forks are in very good condition and one has the same circle inlay design on the wooden handle that matches the other knives. There is a small elongated leaf pattern on the other fork and the horn handle is lighter in color.

An interesting raised shell design encompasses this old ironstone footed, round bowl that has desirable crazing which is consistent throughout. There are a couple hairline cracks located opposite each other on the outer rim but only measure 1/2" long. See image 19. A chip on the bottom is visible but happened long ago as shown in image 18. The color is close to an egg shell white with whispers of dark sprinklings randomly scattered throughout. Very nice shape with a pronounced outside rim.

The other bowl has an oval shape with a half inch pronounced inside rim. The color is very similar to the round bowl and crazing is also imminent. No chips or cracks are present either which qualifies this bowl to be in very good condition.

The last ironstone small dish has a unique scalloped edge and offers an unglazed finish. It is marked on the back, "Jackson" see image 25. A chunk of old Lye soap found in a Pennsylvania barn along with a very unusual nutmeg grater marked on the back with the number 195, nestle quite nicely inside this bowl.

A piece of red and white ticking was added to act as a dish towel and matches the red enamelware bowl perfectly.

This gathering would compliment any kitchen with ease and of course you can add your own dishes too. The larger round bowl can hold apples or oranges that would make a great presentation at the table especially during the holidays. Extremely versatile and fun gathering that will dress your kitchen in style with abundant farmhouse character. Enjoy!

The dish strainer measures 16" long, 12 1/2" across (right to left) and 3 1/2" Tall. The built in utensil tray measures 11 1/2" Long, 4" across and 2" Tall. Red & White Enamelware Plate measures a generous 10" across by 1" Tall and the bottom measures 7". The two knives are 9" Tall and measure 3/4" across the bottom of the handle @ the widest point. The inlaid circle design wooden handled fork measures 7 1/4" Tall by 3/4" across the bottom handle @ the widest point. The other bone handled fork with the leaf pattern inlay measures 7 " Tall by 1/2" across the bottom handle @ the widest point. Round Ironstone bowl measures 8 1/4" across, stands 3" Tall and the footed bottom measures 4". Oval Ironstone bowl measures 8 1/4" across including the protruding lip, (7" inside measurement only), 6 1/4" across (front to back including the protruding lip, (5" inside measurement only), stands 1 1/2" Tall & measures 6" at the bottom. Small Ironstone Dish stands 1 1/4" Tall and measures around 4 1/2" across (inside measurement is 3 1/2" at the top, & 2" at the bottom. The nutmeg grater measures 3" Tall, almost 2" across and the half moon opening measures 3/4" in the center. Ticking Dish Towel measures 11 3/4" by 8 1/2". 

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