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Early 19th Century Box in Salmon Paint


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This wonderful pine box dating from 1800 to 1840 having delicious salmon paint also delights us with mortise and square nail construction. **The hooked rug heart mat and tin mold along with a lit votive are offered separately in another listing and would complement this box very nicely!

This storage box exhibits wide crudely cut dovetails giving us insight that a skilled cabinetmaker was nowhere to be found. The box predates the paint addition that was added later during the 19th century period. It appears that the screws to secure the brass hinges were hand cut noted by the off-center slots that dictates an 1800 period feature.

There is some wood loss located in the front on the right hand side as shown in image 5 as well as wood loss to the left front top corner as referenced in image 12. An defined area of discoloration can be seen on the right side as well as a limited area of scuff marks as noted in image 8. A long and narrow piece of wood is missing under the lid in the back location but stops its journey at the hinge as shown in images 10 & 19. There is a hairline horizontal crack on the lid that travels the entire length on the top as referenced in images 15 & 16.

Normal wear is apparent throughout this piece and the top portion of the lid is lighter in color than the rest of the paint on the sides. “Alligator crazing” is limited to the right top edge on the lid. Box is in overall good condition and was built to last!

This piece is of the smaller variety if space is at a premium and does provide ample storage for either office supplies or can be used in a bathroom to store make-up! Versatile box that will certainly come in handy lending early charm to your home.

Box measures 12” wide, measures 3 ¾” tall and is almost 7” deep.

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