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Meeting House showing Clapboard Siding with Candles Lights Up


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Alluring artisan made “Meeting House” boasting clapboard siding, opposing steps and a gabled roof. Peppermint candles line each step fashioned from individual handmade wire candleholders that were custom made by Harry. The steps are uneven so I added pliable clay on the bottom to keep the holders in place. The best part is…this house illuminates light through the screened windows by way of a bulb located in the back. Beautiful presentation especially during the evening hours.

This vernacular house was hand constructed in keeping with old style architecture that highlights attention to detail. Each stone requires piecework as they were placed individually on the front steps, bottom side locations as well as the chimney. The lathe was also individually laid to create a staggered “clapboard siding” appearance. Sash and window trim are again another interesting feature that was incorporated into the design. Old shingles were individually cut and placed in an overlaid fashion to create even more intricate detail. The center stone chimney is a great rooftop focal point that coincides with the rest of the architectural elements.

If that is not enough to get you excited….. just wait until nightfall as the screened windows cast soft light offering magical enchantment to the scene. I used a vintage bottle brush wreath sprinkled with snow adorned with a red bow that makes an impact when placed in the middle of the two second storey (British term) windows.

There is writing on the back but it is hard to make out the fourth word. My interpretation is: “Enchanted wooden mantle ???? Meeting House, Copyright 2005”. There is no reference to the artist. House is in good condition and boasts a desirable aged appearance. The candles and wreath can be removed after the holidays are over and this “Meeting House” can grace a mantle in style all year long. Easy access to replace the bulb from the back as shown. Beautiful piece that will capture the spirit of the holidays in your lovely home. Enjoy!

Measures 17 ½” tall (including the chimney), measures 11” across @ the widest point (roof ends), measures 9 ½” across the bottom and is 5 ¼” deep.

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