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Piggin Offered with Countryside Floral Arrangement


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This 19th century antique "piggin" was considered a necessity for early farm life as it served a purpose acting as a large grain scoop to possibly scatter feed for the chickens, pour grain into either a sack or barrel and also served as a milk bucket. During the colonial era some buckets were fashioned as small barrels. However one stave was much longer than the others. This special carved stave, used as a handle, helped facilitate the job of scooping grain with less effort.

This interesting Piggin exhibits the most wonderful age related patina lending warm hues along with appropriate contrasting dark areas following the contour of the twin metal bands. The lower band appears lighter in color than its top counterpart and may be a replacement. Many of the bands on buckets such as this one would eventually have been replaced and warrant a "make ~ do" repair to aid in the continued use of this piece. This theory holds true as a replacement nail was used on the top metal band compared to the original shown off to the left (See image 12) Support nails were also used just below the bottom band as shown in images 15 & 16.

One of the staves located at the bottom on the right hand side has a lighter appearance as referenced in image 17. The surface has thin vertical traces of a lackluster shiny hue probably used as a protectant compared to the natural worn look it possesses now. The handle is as smooth as silk because of the constant gripping throughout the years.

Minor wood loss that includes random chips along with tiny slivers of wood missing on the staves contributes to appropriate wear and use. There is a piece of wood missing from the bottom but does not affect the inside area. Overall the condition is good as this bucket is “tight and right”, strong and sturdy as well as being a durable piece.

Piggins are getting harder to find as the demand for barrels and buckets these days has risen tremendously! I decided to get creative and fill the inside with unique pods, corn husks, tapestry millet, tallow berries along with a piece of checked brown homespun that hangs lazily off to the side. Plastic bags were used as a filler while the homespun acts as a cover.

This piggin would look terrific near the hearth, beside a bucket bench or angled in a little nook of your home creating a great focal point as well as being a terrific addition to your bucket collection! You can replace the floral arrangement and fill with fresh greens, berries and lights for the upcoming holiday season as well. Enjoy!

Overall height including the handle is 12 ¾” tall, bucket by itself stands 6 ½”, top measures 8 ½” across (right to left), measures 8 ½” deep (front to back), bottom measures 7” across (right to left) and measures 7 ½” deep front to back. Brown check homespun measures 14” tall and measures 8” wide (across).

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