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Primitive Pelt Stretcher Wall Box Lights Up


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Look what we did with a simple antique Pelt Stretcher that we hope you will be able to enjoy. This piece is one of a kind and even lights up! The darling printed cloth rabbit along with gourd eggs and Prairie Grass is also included in this unique offering along with the contents, as shown in the candle tin drip pan. What a great display piece this would make for Easter.

The beautiful dark patina on the stretcher is scrumptious and the newly made box located in the front matches the overall color perfectly. This box has an intentional dip in the front that was added for sheer character. A cluster of small holes can be seen on the stretcher just below the light as referenced in image 3 located near the left of the rabbits head. It has the perfect amount of wear you would like to see from a piece like this that was used.

Brown excelsior was added inside the box to create height and Prairie Grass was laid on top of this filler. A printed hand fashioned cloth rabbit was tucked inside and seems very content with her surroundings! She is signed and dated in the year of "2012" and proudly wears a brown printed brown calico leaf scarf. Two gourd eggs along with a cotton boil and a pearl onion grace the left hand side of the box and were chosen in keeping with the spring theme.

An electrified window light placed in front of the pelt stretcher has its own shelf that was created specifically for this light and was secured by nails which was no easy task but Harry literally "nailed it" with charming results! The cord can be seen on the back and is also secured to the wood. This cord has a convenient "on and off" switch. Early dried peas and two wee gourds were used in the bottom of the fluted tin pan to add color and interest. The light bulb displays a flicker flame effect lending a nice amber cast. You can use another bulb if you choose but are limited to using no more than 40 watts.

This piece is quite spectacular in the evening and will bring importance to any space in your home. It can be hung as there is a hole located at the top or can also rest on a table too. Keep in mind this pelt stretcher box is versatile as the contents can be changed out for each approaching holiday and can be decorated with things you love. Just a neat primitive offering that will surely make a statement in your lovely homestead. Enjoy!

The Pelt Stretcher Wall box stands 30" Tall, measures 2" wide (across) @ the top of the stretcher and measures 7" near the box @ the bottom. The box itself stands 5 1/2" Tall, measures 7 1/4" wide (across the front) & is 4" deep. The fluted electrified light sticks out 3" and measures 2 1/2" wide (right to left). This light stands 7 1/2" tall which includes the bulb measurement, (bulb itself is 2 3/4" tall. The rabbit stands 9 1/2" Tall, measures 3 3/4" @ the widest point across near bottom (right to left) and is 2" thick.

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