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Antique Primitive Folding Frame Doll Dress Childs Wool Stockings Gathering


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Do you crave something unusual for your homestead that has a primitive look sprinkled with child~like charm.....well this next gathering may be just for you! A pretty doll's dress, long wool Childs stockings, two clothespins and a little birds nest are including along with the wonderful frame.

This interesting frame has the most luscious dark brown color that will delight all who enjoy collecting primitive! The wooden frame dates to the turn of the century, possibly earlier and does fold out into an inverted "V" shape that can will stand freely on any flat surface. There are two tin pieces on either side connected to the back of the first frame. The second frame that has the folding capability, was inserted in these tin pieces to secure it to the first frame.

At one point small raised carved flowers and leaves accented the top and possibly the sides however only the flower and two leaves remain as referenced in image 7. The lighter finish in the wood indicates that these little carvings once may have been placed in these areas. Actually, it is almost a happy accident as the lighter areas in the wood against the darker areas lend so much character and interest to the overall look! There are two small sharp nails sticking out of the outside edge of the frame just above the horizontal ribbed wooden piece. The same holds true for the left side of the frame as well however there is only one nail protruding. At one point another piece of wood may have been nailed horizontally and this is my best guess. See image 9.

There is also some writing on the back upper portion and the bottom of the frame but I cannot make this out. Please see images 10 & 11. The form is really fantastic and I have never seen anything quite like it! At one point it may have held a valued piece of needlework or a lovely family photograph but has now been repurposed into a sweet Childs textile holder.

I added some wire across the front that was twisted on each end keeping the integrity of the frame intact as no holes were drilled. This wire acts as a little clothes line for the sweet textiles that can be hung from same.

A darling little dolls dress was chosen for the small brown and ecru check it lends. This chintz fabric does have a bit of a dull sheen to it. The doll dress was completely hand stitched using an unusual blanket stitch for the hem. A running stitch was used on the seams and a diagonal stitch was used on the top edge of the collar. The cuffs and upper body of the dress were accented with a pretty lace that sports a tiny flower design. There are two metal tiny closures in the front at the top. This dress has body and is not stiff but soft to the touch. The homespun check is really exciting and the overall condition of this dress is perfect without any holes, stains, rips or odors to report!! It also comes with the tiny clothespin that has been aged.

The ecru ribbed Childs stockings are just adorable! A spray of Sweet Annie and chocolate broom corn grace the front tied with a dark brown piece of hand ~ spun wool. There are some little moth nibbles located on the left stocking at the top and two nibbles on the back also near the top. See images 18 & 21. The right stocking also has four nibbles on the back only, near the top. Overall these little gems are in good condition without any stains or odors to report! They look splendid paired up with the doll dress against the dark frame and the large clothespin is included!

I made a wee birds nest using cheesecloth, twigs and a bit of chocolate brown spun wool used as accents. Little beans were chosen for the eggs and the earth tone colors just can't be beat! The nest just sits on the bottom edge of the frame and is awaiting his mother's return with great anticipation!!

This special gathering is one ~ of ~ a~ kind and would make a great display on your bedroom nightstand or even in the laundry room next to a wooden wash tub too! You will really have fun decorating with this awesome offering! Enjoy! 

The frame stands 17 1/2" tall, measures 8" across the middle & is 1" deep including the second frame measurement in the back, open without the second frame is 5/8", the opening (expanded) measurement is a little over 7 1/2" (front to back @ the bottom which is the widest point). The old dolls dress measures 7" from top collar to bottom, 4" across from the end of the left cuff to the end of the right cuff otherwise it is 3" across, the skirt puffs out to about 8" across but if the string tie is removed the measurement will be more. The ecru ribbed wool stockings measure about 10 1/2" tall (as shown hanging together), 6 1/4" tall hanging separately, 4 1/2" across @ the widest point (as shown hanging together), 3" across hanging separately. The wee birds nest measures 4 3/4" across including the cheesecloth tail, 3" without the tail, & 3" going the other way. 

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