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Victorian Button Up Baby Shoes Leslie's Temple Anthems Old Book Gathering


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These endearing Victorian Button Up Baby Shoes sporting a rich Carmel color are a perfect complement to the old "Temple Anthems" book also offered in this unique gathering. The baby shoes are the largest I have found so far but I still can't imagine our feet were once that size!

These shoes have considerable wear on the sides and toward the heel area as referenced in images 3, 4, 9 & 10 but are adorable just the same. The right shoe has three buttons missing and the left only has one button that went missing. There are dark areas located on the toe and sides of both shoes as well as a small hole on the right shoe near the heel. These were stuffed with tissue paper to keep their shape. I used reproduction civil war era, printed fabric sporting a pleasing red berry and flower design and tucked this into the shoe opening to add color and interest.

The "Leslie's Temple Anthems" book was chosen because of the neutral overall color as well as the interesting graphics of a church on the front. There are more than several interesting advertisements inside depicting, "A List of Teachers' Requisites" that include a metronome, music stand and a tuning pipe just to name a few. Some of the areas in the cloth are pulling away from the spine (see image 22) and there are also several small tears to some of the pages. Image 16 shows one of the pages has separated from the spine but is still intact. However the rest of the pages are fine. The book is dated "1891" and there are also some references made in pencil shown in image 19 and on the inside cover. There are songs with words and musical notes referenced throughout the book.

This gathering is just so charming because it evokes sweet fond memories we will always cherish from our childhood…if we can possibly remember back that far!. You can easily set this out on a table, in the bedroom on top of a blanket chest or it can even grace a school desk in style. Enjoy!

The baby shoes measure 5" from the toe to the back of the heel, 2" across the widest point (width) & stand about 4" tall. Leslie's Anthems book measures 10" from the top to the bottom, 6 3/4" across & is 1/2" thick.

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