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19th Century Antique Primitive Square Nails in Elephant Grey Paint Fabulous


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I got up at 2:00AM on a cold winters morning and proceeded to grab my muffler, mittens, jacket, bundle up and face the elements last week. I took my friend with me and it was a long ride through very dense fog..... the kind you have to follow the tail lights of the car in front of you to see! Yikes! A little dangerous but we made it to Market just fine and I am thrilled to present, my "catch of the day" to you!

I certainly lucked out and am so excited to present this next offering that is just too fabulous for words! This piece was purchased in New York many years ago and found it's way to the West Coast. The doll quilt and sock cats are not included with this purchase as they were used for display.

This cradle was made for "Mabel", see image 12, probably by an endearing father who wanted to surprise her with either a birthday or Christmas gift. Sweet! Though this is signed with an inscription to her there does not appear to be a date.

The cradle was fashioned from pine as the knots are clearly present on the back and inside. Slight canted form with square nail construction lend an honest early look. Four screws are present on the inside and were used to attach the rockers. This piece is sturdy and very well made.

Need I say this cradle has the most wonderful soft elephant grey ORIGINAL paint that has aged to perfection through time! (Note: Image 1 & 3 reflect the true color of this piece.) The "honest and true" wear on this piece is perfect and the form could not be better. Some cradles, though beautiful, can have a bulky appearance but this little gem has an elongated, slim and streamlined form that just can't be beat! The headboard area is slightly wider as it gently tapers down in width to the foot-board at the end. What a great idea that this design feature was not only well thought out but lends favorable charm as well, don't you think?

One does not come across these kinds of exceptional pieces every day as they are getting harder to find. The decorating possibilities for this cradle are endless as this can be filled with your favorite rag doll collection and would look very impressive on the hearth, on top of a blanket chest in your bedroom or even in a great room near an old spinning wheel! This wonderful cradle will take center stage wherever you choose to place it and should make you and your homestead deliriously happy while providing early primitive charm! Enjoy!

The cradle measures almost 22" long, 7" Tall (Headboard location)...add another 1" if measuring from the center point of the back of the headboard), 4 1/2" from the side foot-board area.....add another 1" if measuring from the center point of the front of the foot-board), 8" across near the headboard area, 7" middle width (across) & 6 1/2" across near the foot-board area.

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