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19th Century Book with Farm Scene mural by Jonathan D Poor and tin candleholder


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This next offering will grace a candle stand perfectly adding color and plenty of unique interest. An old book entitled, "Our Album of Authors, A cyclopedia of Popular Literary People" has a publication date of "1885" and is in very good condition with the spine intact. I chose this book because of the detailed front cover sporting interesting vines and autumn leaves that I decided to highlight with a brush stroke of color that lends a custom accent. The oxblood red background hue on the front and back cover of this book is also very pleasing while satisfying our primitive palette.

I reproduced a photograph from a farm scene mural attributed to "Jonathan D Poor" who was actually Rufus Porter's uncle and does paint in a similar style. This watercolor mural applied on dry plaster was commissioned by "Dr. James Norton" in East Baldwin, Maine in the year of 1840. The mural has been gently antiqued and stitched up on old boucle wood using chocolate brown thread. Warm and natural fabric was used under the wool to achieve a raised area that adds dimension to the cover. A double sided piece of tape was secured to the bottom of the warm and natural to keep the mural in place. Two pieces of Carmel thread were drawn together in the corners to secure the mural in the front. Glue was not used as I wanted to preserve the integrity of this book.

Every book should always have a candle stick nearby and this old tin measure with a soldered handle created a fine "make~do". The tin surface is a little rough with apparent rust residue throughout. There are no holes or dents in this piece. I filled the inside with soup beans and then placed the candle in the center. When lit, there is no need to worry about the excess wax that will invariably drip down the candle as the beans will act as a drip pan. You will receive a new candle in the same color that has been rubbed with spices and is lightly scented.

This pretty offering is one of a kind and certainly has the ability to be placed anywhere… either in the great room on a small table or even on a stool or chair in the bedroom with a cozy quilt hanging nearby. Enjoy!

The book measures a generous 7" across (horizontal), 9" tall (vertical) and is 1 3/4" thick. The overall height of the tin candle holder is 5 1/2" Tall (candle included), 3 1/2" tall (without the candle), top opening is 1 1/2" across and the bottom measures 2 3/4" across.

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