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19th Century Document Box Folk Art Pennsylvania Dutch


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Got documents?.....This document box would be a perfect place to store important papers in boasting alluring folk art appeal! Handsome yet useful this piece is sure to please!

There are indications that this piece may be of German Pennsylvania descent as the slanted lines and recessed dots that grace the sides of this box are a typical geometric pattern that was used during the19th and even 18th century. The maker did a nice job implementing this style of carving as it certainly adds plenty of character to this piece.

The top was stripped of its original paint at some point however this two toned look is striking and really adds visual appeal. A veneer was used on the sides of this box however an area on the front left, see image 4, shows some missing pieces that occurred at one point through the "sands of time". The exposed unpainted wood really stood out against the black ground so I touched this up carefully to create a seamless, "Make ~ Do" repair. There are also some areas that have little nicks and some minor paint loss as well that are sprinkled randomly throughout as shown in images 9 & 15.

The far back left corner has s small piece of wood missing that runs in a vertical direction as shown in images 12 & 14. The front right corner was also effected with a sliver of wood loss and there is also a small area near the corner of the lid that has separated as shown in images 7 & 8.

The box was constructed using tiny nails and the joinery on corners has a tight fit. What I find interesting about this box is there are two pieces of unmatched wood that were added to the bottom creating height to the box. Four holes are present on the bottom, off to the left, see image 19 and I am not sure of their purpose.

The hinged lid on the box has a very detailed, recessed step that resembles crown molding. This is a wonderful stylized feature that gives grand importance to the box. There is a small mystery hole located on the back of the box that does come through to the inside. Another hole can be seen in the front that is encapsulated by a metal ring, possibly a keyhole however there is nary a trace of a locking mechanism to be found.

Some of the paint on the back, as well as the sides, appear to have some drip marks however this is more visible when light is cast upon these areas. These drips are flat and not raised.

Overall condition of this box is good and it still is an impressive, showy piece despite some of its minor faults. What a gorgeous document box that can grace a table with importance or can even be stacked with other chests at the end of a bed, lending folk art appeal to any room it is placed in! Enjoy!

The box stands 10" Tall, measures 17" across & is 10" Deep. Inside measurements are 15 1/4" across (horizontal), 8 1/2" Deep and is 7 3/4" tall..... Plenty of room for storage!

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