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19th Century Egg Basket filled with Special Halloween Dry Goods


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The art of basket making done by a skilled and steady hand always seems to work its way into our homes as we build our collections. There are numerous types of baskets to collect that were used for a specific purpose long ago and have gained tribute lending warm patina that we all favor. This 19th century egg basket sports beautiful form along with a triple layer of thickly woven work as noted on the top outside edge. The color holds a delicious nutmeg hue but needed a little coaxing by way of cleaning and carefully oiling each weaver and spoke by hand. The work paid off as the pictures can attest and what a difference this effort made!

If the basket does not lend enough presence on its own…… just wait as I decided to incorporate Halloween related items that add festive fun for this special holiday and are all included as pictured. The basket is in very good overall condition. There is a lone tiny break on the outside referencing the left area as referenced in image 12 by the arrow. The woven handle has also experienced another break as shown in image 8, again referenced by the arrow. There are also areas of minor loss on the bottom as shown in image 20. A couple minor breaks in the weave are located on the top edge but are hard to detect. The appearance is still wonderful and this basket shows very well!

I added three pods in the front that are all accent painted, one with a circle the other with vertical lines and the last one portrays a brief autumn scene sporting a tree and wee pumpkins residing on the ground just below. I hand stitched a Halloween pillow boasting a repeated flying witch theme with her cat familiar nearby. Midnight, (the cat) was hand cut by Harry and then given to me so I could add folk art personality using a brush stroke of whimsey. Midnight promises to bring good luck and will protect your home from any bad witches that may want to fly off with your antiques!

A couple gourds were also incorporated along with a dried pumpkin. Orange pods with realistic leaves reside on the right while Magnolia pods wrapped with festive orange and black homespun were placed under the cat. Dark open pods filled with tiny pumpkins grace the front and black tinsel was added as an accent and arranged just below the pillow. Lastly, craft paper was used to fill the inside of the basket while a piece of orange and chocolate brown vintage wool was laid on top to cover the craft paper.

After the holiday is over you can remove the Halloween objects and substitute with more autumn related items for Thanksgiving. The wool can replaced with red and white homespun and you can now create a Christmas basket filled with greens, bright ornaments along with Santa’s or snowman and even candy canes. You can also place gingerbread men inside along with your favorite cookie cutters too. Either way this basket holds magical properties that will lend a sparkling presentation for each bright and warm holiday for years to come! Just remember to give Midnight a pet and some warm milk now and then! Enjoy!

Basket stands 10 ½” tall including the handle and stands 6” without the handle factor, measures 9” across (right to left), measures 9 ¾” front to back, bottom measures 9 ½” across (protruding edges) (right to left) and in the sitting position measures 5” front to back. Witch pillow measures 6” across by 5” tall. Cat stands 4 ¼” tall including the arch tail and measures 3 ¾” across (nose to rear). Pods and gourds vary in size.

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