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19th Century Hanging Salt Box in Buttermilk Paint


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This late 19th to turn of the century salt box boasts aged buttermilk paint and has strong lettering. Salt boxes were hung by the hearth to keep the salt from clumping together especially during the winter months. The salt housed inside this simple box was accessed on a daily basis to season foods for cooking.

The original surface that once possessed a bright buttermilk appearance has mellowed though time with areas of wood showing through the paint. The elongated hole is a tell-tale sign that this piece was constantly moved from its resting spot….. hung on the wall. This box is light weight as it was fashioned from a ¼” thick piece of wood but is not flimsy. The black letters that make up the word “Salt” are strong and act as a focal point on the front. Each side does have a slight graduation that adds plenty of character!

The lid moves freely in an upward position by way of two tiny opposing nails on either side. There is a sliver of wood missing on the body in the front, left hand side as shown in image 2 and also in the upper right area. A small age crack starting from the bottom on the right hand side of the box ascends about one half of an inch. Another tight crack is located on the left hand side at the top and descends about 1½”. The last small crack can be found on the bottom near the edge.

There is slight appropriate nail bleed throughout. A small chip is located on the top of the lid near the back area of the left hand side as shown in image 8. The back and bottom never had paint and the warm color of wood that only time can lend is apparent. There are no musty smells to report.

Of course, there are great possibilities to decorate the top of this box when the lid is closed or if you prefer you can partially open the lid and place for example, greens with fresh berries inside for holiday decorating. Various pieces of homespun can be folded and stacked on top of the lid to add color. Old cookie cutters can be placed on top of the homespun too for a great look! Another idea is using a miniature bowl which can rest comfortably on the lid filled with your favorite drieds or miniature butter molds. This piece can also grace an open cupboard in style or can be used on a counter too. Enjoy!

Salt box stands 8 ¼” tall (includes the back measurement), box itself (front area) stands 4 ¼” tall, measures 4 ¼” deep (front to back) and measures 4 ¾” across (right to left).

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