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19th Century Spice Cabinet with Lettering


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When I saw this spice cabinet sporting a fabulous warm patina with lettering on each drawer I just knew it would be a perfect fit for an offering that someone will just adore! The recessed double circles where the drawer knobs are located is a great design element that boasts dark color against a lighter ground. It just does not get any better than this!!

All of the edges and drawer pulls possess a semi round surface from appropriate wear and age which is a delight! I believe this piece was fashioned from maple and has interesting dark areas mixed into the surface lending character in a big way. The front sides of the drawers are secured with tiny nails lending appropriate nail bleed while the back sports a prominent tight dovetailing feature shown in images 21 through 26.

All of the comprised eight drawers are accounted for and are marked with the appropriate spice destinations. Some of the drawers relay whispers of letters that remain while the other letters are strong which gives us a hint as to the cooks favored spices. Allspice, Mace, Pepper, Clover, Cinnamon & Ginger are legible on six of the drawers but the top two seem to be a mystery as the lettering is now missing.

The back of this cabinet was fashioned using two different types of wood as shown in images 33 & 36. There is also a tight crack on the right hand side that cascades down from the top as shown in image 34. Tiny nails were used to secure the back of the cabinet. The bottom area on the left hand side at one point came in contact with something that stained the wood as shown in image 43 but obviously does not show if hung low enough on a wall or placed on a table. Two convenient metal round hangers are located on the back so this piece can be hung if you so choose.

This piece is in overall good condition without any chips or holes to report and does make for a showy display! I can just envision this piece residing in a country kitchen with other accoutrements of treen and tin along with stoneware mixing bowls. You can leave a couple of the drawers open and tuck long cinnamon sticks inside and don’t forget about the possibility of utilizing the top shelf as you can add old small spice tins in this location. This is really a pretty piece that will add character and charm to your homestead without hesitation.

Spice Cabinet stands 12 ½” tall, measures 8 3.4” across the front (right to left) and is almost 5” deep (front to back). Drawers measure 2 ¾” tall, measures 3 ¾” across the front (right to left) and measures 4 ¼” deep (front to back).

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