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19th Century Stoneware Jug Great Form with Corncob


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Whisky anyone? This wonderful utilitarian jug sports a dark elephant grey color and is very unusual as well because it has special marks. Jugs such as these usually held liquids such as corn whisky, water, cider, syrup, molasses and vinegar. They were certainly a main ~ stay back in the day as these storage vessels were impervious to liquid. They could also be used to preserve smoked, pickled, salted or candied provisions that would be crucial to get a family though the long cold winters.

The form on this jug is simplistic sporting a gentle flared top that contours downward. The applied handle does have a wee bit of separation where it meets the body as shown in image 10 but this was a result of the makers handiwork. The three recessed straight indents found at the top of the jug were created when the piece was fired and then rested upside down to cure. See images 6, 7, 8 9 &10. They sure do seem to add character to this piece! There are a couple small "pops" caused by the firing process but this is normal and to be expected with pottery pieces such as these. Most of the jug is smooth. However there is one small spot of clay that is a straggler so to speak and sticks out from the surface located about 3 1/2" above the bottom edge (middle area). See image 18.

An indent that looks like a raised eyebrow appears about 3" above the bottom as referenced in image 12. Some scuff marks are present as shown in images 2, 14 & 15. A couple more smaller indents are located about 2 1/2" below this one. Image 11 reflects a tiny starburst crack that appears near the bottom edge but does not compromise the integrity of this jug in any way. There is a tiny hole as referenced in image 16, and a teeny bit of separation, see image 17 but these marks are again, common in hand thrown pottery pieces such as this one. As shown in image 2 there is a color variance which is darker than the rest of the jug however this feature just seems to add overall character to the surface!

This piece of stoneware is in very good condition without any hairline cracks or fractures to report and is heavy! A corn cob stopper is also included and looks as "right as rain" placed in the top opening. If you happen to have a staircase this jug would look perfect placed on one of the steps with other pieces of stoneware that could be used for the other steps. I can also envision this jug sitting on top of an old bench filled with flags on the porch for the 4th of July holiday! Whatever your vision may be this beautiful piece of stoneware would add rustic primitive charm to any room of your choosing! Enjoy!

The jug stands almost 12" tall & measures 6 1/4" across the bottom. The top opening is 1 1/2" across the center.

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