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19th Century Tin Dry Measure Set and Heart Shaped Corn Dryer Neat


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These primitive tin, thick walled, dry measures are offered in a set of four and consist of graduated sizes. They have French roots and were once used in a kitchen or shop to measure dry goods. For a unique decorating look I decided to add a corn dryer where these wonderful measures can now call home!

The dramatic form on these pieces is really special and so is the aged tin color which is highlighted by circular bands of solder. There are two raised areas located in the middle and lower band that add subtle dimension and character to the overall look. The handle was also soldered on and all pieces are strong without any solder breaks to report. They are also lightweight in nature.

The large measure has two raised areas of solder as shown in image 5. The letter “F” is stamped in the center located near the top and the lower stamp near the bottom appears to have two hands held together that would gesture a handshake. Surface rust is present throughout that adds dark, primitive character to this piece. Whispers of calligraphy can be seen on the front but I can’t make out the words. The handle on this larger measure is a different color (silver grey) compared to the rest of the set.

The medium / large measure also has the same raised solder marks but the letter “J” appears near the top right hand side as shown in image 10. The same handshake can be seen stamped near the bottom piece of solder and sports the number 10 just below. This piece also possess surface rust throughout which is consistent with age. There is a stamp located in the front that reads, “Deciltre” with “BG or “BH” executed in calligraphy just below. In our English vocabulary the word deciliter means, a metric unit of capacity, equal to one tenth of a liter.

The medium size measure also has two raised solder marks present in the front as shown in image 15. The letter “J” is also stamped in the center of the solder while the bottom solder still has the handshake mark the number 102 that appears just above on an angle. The word, “Demi-Decilitre” is marked on the front with “BG” or “BL” executed in calligraphy just below the middle banding. The word “Demi” is sometimes used in some words to refer to something equivalent to half of the object. In this case it would mean this measure is equal to a half of one tenth of a liter. Surface rust is present but is consistent in color with the rest of the set.

The baby or smallest measure is certainly the most adorable out of the set as the small size if ever so cute! The same marks appear on the soldered areas as the one referenced above (medium size), see image 19. This one is also marked with the words, “Double Centi-Litre” which translates to the measurement of (two centiliters). Again, surface rust is present but is not invasive. All of the measures are in great shape without any dents, holes or cracks to report. The handles are strong and intact as well.

The corn dryer I used for a display piece was painted black at one point and has a folk art heart design located at the top. There is age related wear as shown in images 23 & 24 as minimal paint loss is present. Age of this corn dryer is unknown.

You always have options when we offer gatherings here for sale. The corn dryer can also be used to hold dried corn or even whole apples during the holidays and can be displayed near the hearth…..or you can use this as a display piece for the measures. The measures could be displayed on top of a low, small bench in your buttery, or in the kitchen tucked inside a cupboard as well. These fine measures are not easy to come by and would also look great filled with an assortment of dried flowers! They would be a perfect addition to any primitive kitchen adding that….Oh La La classic French charm! Enjoy!

Corn Dryer stands 16 ½” tall (measuring from the top area of the heart to the bottom rod of the dryer), the rods measure about 3 ¾” from the tip to the inside main rod. The large dry measure stands 4 ½” tall, measures 2 ¼” across the top opening and 2 ½” across the bottom. Medium to large size dry measure stands a little over 3 ½” tall, measures 1 ¾” across the top opening and measures 2” across the bottom. Medium size dry measure stands 3” tall, measures 1 3/8” across the top opening and measures 1 ¾” across the bottom. Smallest dry measure stands 2 ¼” tall, measures 1” across the top opening and measures 1 3/8” across the bottom.

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