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19th Century Tin Lantern with Glass Panels Electrified


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During the winter months it is always a comfort to own early lighting pieces that cast warm light on a dark, chilly day. This next offering is sure to please as this lantern exhibits four glass panels that allow the light to shine effortlessly through the panes and the good news is this piece is electrified so there is no need to worry about keeping an eye on a burning candle.

This tin lantern dates to the first half of the 19th century and all glass panels are accounted for. What is so interesting about this particular lantern is the raised number located in the roof area displayed on all four sides. There were a series of these special lanterns created that were defined by a numerical sequence; number 1 is the smallest version while number three was the largest lantern produced. Wouldn’t it be fun to collect all three sizes!

There are four angled or wrap around feet located at the bottom and all are accounted for. This lantern stands straight and does not have any leaning issues. At one point somebody decided to electrify this piece which is a great idea. Harry replaced the cord and rewired this lantern so it is safe to use. A dial feature “on and off” switch is located on the cord and can easily be turned off at will. A small silicone dipped 4 watt bulb is included with this purchase

The two criss-cross pieces of wire placed in front of each glass panel held together by small pins gives us a clue that this piece was used to carry around possibly from the house to the barn. The ring located at the top does have a couple small dents as shown in image 14 while the circular fluted tin cap rests just below this area.

The dark surface seems to be painted a midnight black color and exhibits a consistent, dry surface. This piece is in overall great condition without any holes or dents to report other than the ring holder mentioned above. The glass has a couple scratches but are small and hard to detect from unless you look closely. No cracks are present. I placed some fresh boxwood inside to add color when looking through the glass as a suggestion for a unique accent.

This hard to find lantern would look amazing either hung or can be placed on a candle stand, blanket chest in the bedroom with folded coverlets nearby or on a shelf with other tin objects including tole ware that will present a stunning collection. Light also symbolizes hope and with the New Year fast approaching I suggest we keep it lit because we certainly don’t want a repeat of this year!! Enjoy!

Lantern stands 11 ¾” tall including the hanging ring, measures 3 ½” across (right to left) and is also 3 ½” deep (front to back). The cord measures 68” long including the two prongs that fit into the receptacle.

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