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19th Century Tin Sill Candleholders with Christmas Candles Perfect for the Holidays


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It was a cold and windy Christmas Eve but the little farmhouse at the end of town was warm and bright. The year was 1840 and company was expected for a fine Christmas dinner that would be remembered for a long time. The open hearth fireplace was tended to all day long while cooking pots held by cranes would render a tasty meal, enjoyed by all. The tin candleholders in the window could be seen from the road as the sleigh bells could be heard off in the distance, fast approaching. The glow of this candle was such a warm and welcome sight after the long ride out in the cold. Merry Christmas and may your holidays be filled with happy memories sprinkled with a touch of yesteryear!

This pair of old candleholders reminds me of Christmas when candlelight was and still is such an important part of this holiday. These charming antique pair of early lighting pieces belonged to a great ~ great aunt (Ruth), of the lady I purchased them from and were used in the dinning room of her 1800's home in Maine for many years.

They sport a dark finish with a fluted edge and were hand ~ fashioned from tin. As referenced in images 3 & 4, the right candlestick does have some shiny lines in the drip pan. There is still some wax residue on both of the pans. The area where the sharp edge is that would be inserted in the sill is a little wavy on the right candlestick however the left candlestick is perfect. This could probably be gently worked out with a little patience. Both candle rings are intact and solid.

The fluted edges are as "right as rain" and show minimal surface wear. There is also a black mark on the back of the right candleholder as shown in image 5. This mark is not raised but does feels like wax. There are also two small white marks on the back of the left candleholder that are raised and have a bit of a sticky surface as referenced in image 8. With that said, the overall condition is still very good especially considering the age of early lighting pieces such as these.

I am also including a pair of hand made red and white striped candles rubbed with cinnamon that will add a touch of Christmas cheer while lending merriment and joy to your homestead! These sill candlesticks will offer a whisper of the past and hold fond memories of Aunt Ruth's dinning room where they were enjoyed and admired. If only they could speak!

The measurements are 4 5/8" across from end to end, 2 3/4" @ the widest point (front to back) and stand almost 2" tall (including the top of the candle ring, 1" tall (not including the candle ring. These measurements do not include the back area when recessed into the sill.

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